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Ray Bradbury

One day many years ago a man walked along and stood in the sound of the ocean on a cold sunless shore and said, ‘We need a voice to call across the water, to warn ships; I’ll make one. 164 more words


The Bradbury Challenge

I recently watched a video of a lecture given by Ray Bradbury, American fantasy, science fiction, horror and mystery fiction author. Bradbury is considered by many to be one of the greatest short fiction writers of all time. 382 more words

Short Story

“But here, this whole thing is ancient and different and we have to set down somewhere and start fouling it up. We’ll call the canal the Rockefeller Canal and the mountain King George Mountain and the sea the DuPont Sea, and there’ll be Roosevelt and Lincoln and Coolidge cities and it won’t ever be right, when there are the proper names for these places.”

Book Quotes

October Country (Ray Bradbury)

His imagination and humanity made his stories reach deep inside us, made us realize who we are, and who we ought to be. Most of the stories deal with children and most of them have gothic, autumn-like settings, even if they don’t actually occur in October. 437 more words