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Books and book-burning in 'Fahrenheit 451'

I recently rewatched the 1966 film version of Fahrenheit 451, directed by French New Wave director Francois Truffaut and starring Julie Christie in a dual role and Oscar Werner as Montag, the fireman who falls in love with books, the very thing he’s charged with burning. 2,580 more words

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Ray Bradbury

…After all, each story is a Rorschach Test, isn’t it? And if people find beasties and bedbugs in my ink-splotches, I cannot prevent it, can I? 53 more words


On Fahrenheit 451 and Books as Objects

I have been wanting to do this post ever since rereading Fahrenheit 451, and I haven’t gotten around to it. And now, quite a couple of months have gone by (???!!!), so I can no longer even say that I “just reread” the book.  2,154 more words


‘You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.’
Ray Bradbury


The Art of Writing: Quirks and Perks

Here’s the author of The Martian Chronicles and the classic Fahrenheit 451on where and how to find what to write about.

Quote: We all are rich and ignore the buried fact of accumulated wisdom.

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On the Edge of Your Seat

“Creative Writing” seems to be set apart from all other types of writing for some reason.  In reality, though, all writing is creative in some aspect.   119 more words


Go For the Gold

Writing goals are one of the things I hear debated quite often among writers.  For some reason, Stephen King is always mentioned in these conversations.  Awestruck statements of, “I heard Stephen King writes a thousand words a day” always leave me a little mystified.  334 more words

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