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Prayer Hindrances from Ray Comfort

I hope your Sunday is going well. I wrote this post Saturday evening and so I trust that you are seeing it Sunday, not Saturday! 83 more words

Common Thread Ministries

The Religion of Peace Strikes Again...

There are many words I could use to describe my emotions as I scroll through Facebook and see almost endless amounts of profile pictures bathed in red, white, and blue displaying each individual’s solidarity with France after this horrific attack in Paris. 1,037 more words

Ray Comfort

my letter to Ray Comfort (Living Waters ministry) about Audacity

Note. Mail sent to email@livingwaters.com on Sept 20/2015

Hello pastor Ray,

This is Jacob from Mexico, I am an Evangelical Christian and currently I attend a local church which I love so much! 549 more words


Thank You

I want to start off first and foremost by thanking God and I give all the glory to Him for whatever may come out of launching this new project. 696 more words

Eric Hovind

Video: Hell's Best Kept Secret

I’ve really enjoyed Ray Comfort’s ministry.  Early in my Christian life the Lord has used him to teach me a lot about evangelism.  I am grateful to hear his sermon many years ago titled “Hell’s Best Kept Secret.” 126 more words


The Meme Grinder #4.

In general I believe people do instinctively know about God, or a god’s existence (I think Christianity get this right, as Paul mentions in Rom. 1:20). 458 more words


Ray Comfort, Moral Relativity, and Why His Good Intentions Aren't Helping Anyone

I recently watched Ray Comfort’s latest film, Audacity. For those who do not know, he is a Creationist debater and conservative Christian who once tried to argue that bananas are proof of God because they are so well-designed for humans.[1] He is a confrontational type of Christian who likes to go up to people and attempt to use logic and debate skills to get them to convert to Christianity. 2,886 more words