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Ray Comfort, Moral Relativity, and Why His Good Intentions Aren't Helping Anyone

I recently watched Ray Comfort’s latest film, Audacity. For those who do not know, he is a Creationist debater and conservative Christian who once tried to argue that bananas are proof of God because they are so well-designed for humans.[1] He is a confrontational type of Christian who likes to go up to people and attempt to use logic and debate skills to get them to convert to Christianity. 2,886 more words


I believe in Science

Amazing Video by Ray Comfort and Living Waters Ministry
If you have time to watch ~ Watch and visit Ray Comfort and Living Waters ministry website~ http://www.livingwaters.com/


Atheism, Ray Comfort, and Facebook

In my Facebook newsfeed, I saw meme posted by a good friend of mine containing a quote from Ray Comfort. The quote read, “Atheists don’t hate fairies, leprechauns, or unicorns because they don’t exist. 1,277 more words


“Humanity’s greatest sin isn’t the horror of abortion, murder, adultery, blasphemy, fornication, or homosexuality. God saw fit to address this sin in the first two of the Ten Commandments: “I am the Lord your God you shall have no other gods before me, you should not make yourself a graven image.” It’s the sin of idolatry–creating a god in our own image, one that accommodates the slaughter of babies in the womb, murder, blasphemy, and the sexual sins of adultery, homosexuality, and fornication.

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"Don't judge, we all have our sins,"... except if you're gay.

Earlier this year, Josh Duggar was embroiled in a scandal involving his past molestation of several underage girls, including some of his sisters. A procession of conservative christians came out of the woodwork to defend the man, including presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, with the main theme of their wheedling predophilia-apologia being that everybody sins, that Jesus forgives all sins, and so therefore nobody is in any position to judge Duggar period, so shut up. 1,654 more words