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From, "The Evidence Bible"

God made all things with the utterance of His voice. He spoke creation into existence by His Word. Then this same “Word” became flesh and dwelt among us (see John 1:1–3). 174 more words

Ray Comfort

Ray Comfort Writes (Some) Fiction

Ray Comfort is best-known as a Christian evangelist who not only creatively and enthusiastically preaches the gospel of Jesus Christ to as many people as he can, but he also teaches and equips other believers to do the same.  325 more words

Elephant In The Room

Movie Tuesday ~ EXIT: The Appeal of Suicide

According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, over 44,000 people commit suicide each year. While women are three times more likely to attempt suicide than men, men are 3.5 times more likely to die when attempting suicide. 54 more words


Ray Comfort exploits mental illness and suicide to minister on the streets

Ray Comfort is back with another cringe-worthy YouTube video that attempts to use human suffering and tragedy to preach his version of the Gospel.

His video, “Exit: The Appeal of Suicide” seems to indicate that suicide in on the rise because we are a godless society and involves several scenes where Ray Comfort preaches to people who have openly admitted to him that they are battling suicide and depression. 1,148 more words


I Tried to Commit Suicide

My Attempt to Exit

If I can accomplish anything with this blog, I want to let people know that Christians aren’t perfect, just forgiven. Part of that is allowing myself to be as transparent as reasonably possible. 718 more words

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Rare Second Post - EXIT

Hello beloved, I’m doing the rare second post today to share this amazing video from LivingWaters with Ray Comfort. It’s extremely powerful, if you’ve suffered from depression or if you have friends or family members that do, please watch and share!


Wednesday Testimony - Ray Comfort

This testimony is absolutely amazing, ten out of ten die? This might be one of my favorite testimonies I’ve posted about so far. I hope you well all enjoy, friends!