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PRAISE JESUS! (For Trust and Obedience)

I PRAISE JESUS for those who are obedient to Christ by actively building the Kingdom of Heaven with the true gospel of Jesus as revealed in the Bible (KJB)!

Come Lord Jesus!


Thoughts on the Sinner's Prayer

Okay… but can the Sinner’s Prayer be used at all? Here is an excerpt from gotquestions.org:

Saying the sinner’s prayer is simply a way of declaring to God that you are relying on Jesus Christ as your Savior. 392 more words

Why I Fight Against the Prosperity Gospel

The reason for my strong opposition to the health & wealth gospel / prosperity gospel may be illustrated by the following picture painted by Ray Comfort: two men are seated on a plane. 477 more words

Jesus Christ

The Folly of Vanity

I know a guy who has some really wonky ideas regarding religion and the afterlife.  In comparison to every other post modern, I suppose his ideas aren’t all that wonky–in fact, they are consistent with just about every other new age seeker.   454 more words


Creationism vs. Reason

Dear readers,

I found this doing the rounds on facebook the other day.

And it really is that simple. You see, we often hear creationists or other Christians/people of various religious backgrounds snidely remark that evolution is “ 947 more words


Ray Comfort: 180 Movie

Hey, guys! It’s The Myriad here. I am very tired and I was having a bit of writer’s block with this post. But then this story came to my mind and I knew I just had to write it. 260 more words

Outreach Ministries

Our Greatest Sin

Recently, Ray Comfort was a guest speaker at the Southern Baptist Youth Evangelism Conference and spoke on what is our greatest sin as a people.