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Winter Ways

Once, there was a man named Tom Petty. He was a musician. He played rock ‘n roll. the way it should be played. He was humble. 448 more words

Ray Laskowitz

If You Build It

It’s come to this. I photographed a parking lot. Ice had partially┬ácovered the yellow strip that divides parking places. I added some magical dust and bingo-bango, it turned into art. 658 more words

Ray Laskowitz

Ice, Ice, and a Little More Ice

It arrived. The cold front and storm. It closed just about everything. Roads. Businesses. Schools. Bars. In New Orleans, that’s a disaster.

It closed the interstate highway system to the point that if you drove around barriers because you thought you are smarter than anyone else you could be arrested. 195 more words

Ray Laskowitz

Cold, Cold, Cold

18 degrees.

That’s what Alexa said when I went for our usual morning walk. I have no idea what weather service Amazon uses, but the world was frozen when I went out. 239 more words

Ray Laskowitz

A Little Pop

Winter is settling in. We might have wintry conditions today. That means a little snow or ice might fall from the sky. Having that happen every ten years or so is something. 505 more words

Ray Laskowitz


Finally. I seem to be feeling better.

That’s good. I’m running out of fresh work. I made this picture a few weeks ago. But, I didn’t tinker with it. 348 more words

Ray Laskowitz


I saw this. Floating high above me. The sun was so bright that all I could do was point the lens in the general direction. And hope. 367 more words

Ray Laskowitz