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Whistleblower or Adulteress?

Navy officer convicted of adultery gets chance to clear her name

Meghann Myers, Navy Times May 2, 2016

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Lt. Cmdr. Syneeda Penland was convicted of adultery and conduct unbecoming, and was forced out of the Navy months shy of her retirement. 2,210 more words

Military Justice


Navy Secretary Ray Mabus made an announcement in Detroit last week that a missile destroyer warship will soon be named after a liberal politician who never served in the military. 127 more words


Draft and "fairness" in the Usa. Citizen Joanne to get her gun

The spirit of egalitarianism is so strong in the USSA that they are trying to make women register for draft, at last.

Now, whatever your concerns about safety and national security are, you can’t really challenge the fact that an army of volunteers is more motivated and efficient than a motley crew of frightened kidnapped youngsters. 367 more words


Military Leaders Call for Draft of Women; Feminists Silent

Feminists wanted equality.  They wanted it so bad they were willing to figuratively castrate, emasculate, and marginalize men to get there.  But, for all the bra burning and rallies, these femi-Nazis only wanted to pick and choose their “equality” — the same for all of those who supported this movement. 982 more words

Navy to Christen Expeditionary Fast Transport Carson City

The Navy will christen its newest expeditionary fast transport, USS Carson City (EPF 7), during a 10 a.m. EST ceremony Saturday, Jan. 16 in Mobile, Alabama… 403 more words

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What's Wrong With Coed Boot Camp?

Published at Laura Ingraham’s Lifezette.com January 13, 2016

On January 1st Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus ordered the Marines to provide plans by January 15th for boot camp to go coed.  1,165 more words

Defense Department Announces Results of Military Decorations and Awards Review

Today, the Department of Defense announced the results of its year-long review of the military decorations and awards program to ensure continued appropriate recognition of the service, sacrifices, and actions of its… 178 more words

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