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Face Up To Racism, Whitey

Ray Martin
Well-meaning, but feather-brained dope?

This Sunday sees the launch of ‘Face Up To Racism Week,‘ SBS’s latest all-out onslaught on Australia’s recalcitrant white populace and, as would be expected from the lefties and luvvies in La La Land, the levels of excitement and virtue-signalling joy in anticipation has reached near fever-pitch. 744 more words

Waleed Aly

Boundaries set to shift for Edmonton Public Schools voters

Some Edmonton voters may be casting ballots in a different public school ward in October after trustees gave their blessing to new boundaries.

Divided over the best option, trustees voted 5-2 Tuesday for an alternative that brings ward populations closer together by jostling several boundary lines in the south. 322 more words

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Future raises to be out of Edmonton Public School Board's hands

Edmonton public school trustees elected next October will take home more generous paycheques after the board voted unanimously Tuesday to hike its pay.

The board also voted to take future pay decisions out of its own hands, tying honoraria instead to the consumer price index. 440 more words

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Divided Edmonton public school board approves 'least worst' option for electoral boundaries

Deciding a hub-and-spoke model of ward boundaries was too extreme a change, the board of trustees for Edmonton Public Schools voted to adopt more subtle boundary changes before the next civic election. 636 more words

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The marriage between culture and ego.


“The ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society”


“A person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance”

Without getting all ‘I think therefore I am’ about this I feel it is true that I can’t actually know what and who I am without context,  in isolation. 1,447 more words


Marysville's Martin named Tennis Coach of the Year

Ray Martin is just what the Marysville girls tennis team needed.

With the Vikings playing in a tough MAC White conference, Martin brought his 48 years of coaching wisdom to the team to set out big, but reachable, goals. 395 more words