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Description From Photographer if Any:

By giancarlo_guzzardi

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The autumn-like weather in July

is making me feel bad – as if it’s October when It’s not. I have decided when it actually starts becoming darker I am actually going to find a SunBed place to go so I can get some vitamin D, and hopefully it will keep me from being too depressed. 356 more words

A Pet's Aura

In recent years, one of society’s mantras applied to politicians, government agencies and the business world, is this buzzword “transparency.”  Webster, and other sources, define this word as:  a)  Visible and easily seen through, recognized or detected, and my personal favorite, b)  having the property or quality of reflecting rays of light shining from behind and shining forward beyond! 330 more words


Ikaw an akon Lamrag (You are my Light)

It’s been two days since WIN‘s 2nd summer benefit concert, and now I’ve got the time to write about it and reflect on some things I felt were good things to take away from the concert. 1,503 more words

Random Musings



My mind a locked cage

locked with an invisible key

A key that is lost in the age of time

Glimmers of light, glimmers in the darkness… 12 more words


Hanging in there by a thread

I have succumbed to the ubiquitous habit of taking selfies!

I promise that I will not bend too often to this narcissism,

made possible by a  ray of light in an amazing, abandoned building, 15 more words