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In which letting him go is the hardest thing

I can’t get enough of him. I constantly crave him: His smile, his laugh, his touch, his voice, his body, his personality, and most importantly, I crave his love. 500 more words

Is Ray J Leaving Love & Hip Hop Hollywood? #LHHH - YouTube

3/29/15 According to the latest update seems like he went into negotiations with the producers and he actually may be coming back for more drama… The produ…

In which a song reminds her of him

I think this one song explains how I see/ describes him: (‘The Lovesong Writer’ by Thursday)

Sitting alone in the dark of a stadium, He whispers his secrets into a cheap guitar. 249 more words

In which music shall set you free

You are everything I want
Because you are everything I’m not…
Taking Back Sunday – ‘Makedamnsure’

This post is being written while on “location”… And by “location” I just mean my local neighborhood dog park. 376 more words

In which he stays another day and meets her 2nd family aka her co-workers

It was bound to happen. I had him meet my co-workers.

Let me rewind to yesterday. Because of the type of work that Ray dabbles in, he has Wednesdays and Thursdays off. 275 more words

Ray ~ A-ha…!

I travel to the west and east, while carrying large emotional baggage in my heart
the wind from the north and south, which of you will take off my heavy coat? 264 more words


Ray ~ As For Me

if I ride on the moving clouds, I wonder what will happen?
can someone go as far as that waiting distant sky?

still this small voice (can you hear me?) 235 more words