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Can't remember never loving you

Deacon & Rayna, Our Deyna, <3

“I love you. I’ve loved you since the first time I ever laid eyes on you. The first time I ever heard you play a note on the guitar. 533 more words


No one will ever love you, like we do <3

Songs have been a huge part of Nashville, and I do love so many of them so much. One of the many reasons I was completely crazy in love with this show was the music. 212 more words


Nashville: Another Major Show Cutting Out Major Characters

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t watched season 5, episode 9 then run away now! If you’re a huge Nashville fan like me then you were absolutely devastated when ABC cancelled the show. 656 more words


Merayakan perjuangan perempuan #2

#Untuk Rayna Primastiti Rahajeng Bagusta: berjuang bisa dilakukan dari dapur (bahkan katanya grup musik Oasis, revolusi bisa berawal dari kasur), namun tidak harus selalu dari dapur (atau kasur). 1,760 more words


Rayna and Deacon forever & for always

Take me back to the start …

When we first met them, Rayna and Deacon are actually not together but pretty much in love with each other. 319 more words


For the love of Rayna

To Rayna Jaymes, To Connie Britton,

Many people may not understand that you can care so much about a fictional TV character but I did care & loved so much Rayna Jaymes. 330 more words


The Song Isn't Finished

Some TV shows are just TV shows. Nashville is not one of them. For 4 years we’ve taken this story to our hearts because it’s special, because the people who make this show believe in it and in the message it puts out there. 1,249 more words