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What Happens After Camp? (Photostory)

It’s a few days after the Camp Pop vs Camp Royalty concert and Princess Courtney has just returned home.

She changes back into her ball gown and is surprised by her friend Princess Holly. 315 more words


Defiant Rayna

Ok, so each year at Integrity Toys convention there are design competitions.  The person who wins the judges award for the advanced design competition at the convention has the option of having their design actually produced.  Integrity Toys started doing this a couple of years ago as a perk to entering the design competition.  This past year, the winner of this award was Jason Kramer.  His design was a combination of street grunge and haute couture.  Not easy to do folks but he managed to meld it into a cohesive and stylish design.  Interesting to note…this was Jason’s first Integrity Toys convention.  This is not, however, his first foray into designing.  He is Artistic Director and Lead Designer at a costume design company that specializes in custom made dance wear.  Jason, we are so glad you came to your first convention!!  We hope you return! 92 more words

Fashion Royalty

Thank You for the Sunsets

1,922. A little over 365 days ago there was 1 sunset. Rayna’s Sunset. Ever since, we’ve invited you to share a sunset using #Raynasunset, and you have certainly responded! 563 more words

Grief & Loss

Just start in any corner... (again)

*It seems likes weeks ago that I started this post. A day has passed, but I’m getting back at it! *

Am feeling a bit overwhelmed, again, but hey, I survived the epic dog boarding weekend, and so did all the treasured guests of course. 1,298 more words

Life And Pets

Remembering Rayna's Day

Last week marked the first anniversary of Rayna’s death and delivery. Rayna’s Day (or days). We asked you—family, friends, readers—to post sunsets as we remember her and WOW, did you deliver – thank you! 476 more words

Grief & Loss


It’s time. We haven’t been purposely keeping a secret, instead searching for the best way to share. Or maybe something creative. Or cute. Or crafty. Until I remembered I’m not so creative with these things. 439 more words