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where has this year gone?

Its August almost September and I haven’t updated this since February.  Id like to say I’ve been busy but the truth is “Im a lazy git”. 198 more words

A mechanical keyboard case for iPad Pro, at last

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

I think Razer’s CEO Tan Min Liang is a 12.9-inch iPad Pro user and became frustrated with Apple’s Smart Keyboard Case.

So Razer engineers had to come up with a mechanical keyboard case to suit Mr Tan’s taste. 546 more words


Razer CEO Min Liang-Tan is speaking at Disrupt SF 2016

The first OSVR headset made its debut at last year’s CES. The wearable wasn’t aimed at Oculus or HTC – nor were its creators looking to take on Samsung’s low cost Gear VR. 235 more words


Corsair Lapdog vs. Razer Turret: Which mouse and keyboard wins for couch gaming?

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Making a keyboard and mouse for PC gaming in the living room is hard, just ask the infamous Phantom Entertainment. After blowing tens of millions of dollars trying and failing to release a PC-based console, the company settled on releasing the ergonomic monstrosity that was the… 980 more words


Developer Fireforge Games files for bankruptcy | La desarrolladora Fireforge Games se declara en quiebra

[EN]: After the recent release of the game Ghostbusters, developer Fireforge Games files for bankruptcy on July 15, according to Kotaku. Before the company’s closure, Fireforge has had debts in the millions as well as some lawsuits. 374 more words


FireForge Games has filed for bankruptcy.

Back in April, we brought you the news that another Ghostbusters game would be released this year, as a tie-in for the recently-released movie. The game was released on July 12th, to a less-than pleasant reception. 332 more words