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How to Fight Razor Burn This Fall

It’s officially fall, when cooler weather brings matte lipsticks—and its own class of skin concerns: dryness, dullness, and the dreaded razor burn.

That’s right: Razor burn is not a summer-only skin issue. 799 more words


5 ways Coconut Oil has Improved My Families Comfort

  1. Diaper Rash: My 14 month old daughter was having a red diaper rash that was not going away with store-bought ointments. I tried everything from name-brand maximum strength creams to hydro-cortisone cream (which burns on irritated skin).
  2. 749 more words
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Why You Need to Moisturize This Fall and Winter

Skincare is an oft-neglected topic in the wet shaving community. We all worry about finding the perfect razor and blade and debate the type of bristles used in our brushes. 715 more words

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A Smarter Man's Shave, Part 2: Technique

How to Prevent or Alleviate Razor Burn and Bumps

For some, razor bumps are inevitable given the sensitivity of the skin, thickness and coarseness of the hair, and necessity to shave every day. 1,149 more words

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A Smarter Man's Shave, Part 1: Razor Burn

Razor burn: We’ve all seen it, probably most of us have experienced it, and I’m sure we all agree that it’s the pits. There’s nothing like an unsightly rash to ruin what was a perfect shave just a few hours ago. 960 more words

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5 Quick Fixes for Everyday Leg Woes

Most women share the same frustrations that no amount of sunbathing, waxing or squats can guarantee flawless legs. Some problems that your limbs face, such as cellulite, are simply genetic, while others like sunspots or freckles are brought on by environmental factors. 476 more words


3 Fast-Acting Razor Burn Cures

If you’re prone to red, bumpy, itchy after-effects from shaving, dread the razorno more. Here are three DIY ways to fix razor burn fast, and also a fail-proof way to master your technique to make for a smooth shave every time. 501 more words

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