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Using Products to Treat Razor Burn

Just before you had a chance to read through the techniques to prevent razor burn, you are already plagued with it. We totally understand how painful and frustrating you must feel right now. 209 more words

How to shave without bumps (for men)

For those guys who aren’t ‘team beard gang’ shaving is invasive and if not done the right way, that simple act of removing facial hair with a sharp metal blade can turn ugly, leaving a face full of bumps. 434 more words


dealing with razor burn

razor burn SUCKS. mix baking soda with aloe vera and apply 2-3 times daily. follow up with a cold compress


Razor Burn

I have a favorite kind of razor.  It comes in a pack of 10.  It has two blades and one of those pink  moisturizing strips that gets a little slimy when it gets wet.   361 more words


The Cool Fix

Need a cure for razor burn? I have one. It soothes any issue caused by razors, and works especially well around the bikini line. The Cool Fix by Shaveworks… 50 more words

Girl's Guide to Hair (down there)

Being a woman is awesome, but some parts just really fucking suck. My current soap box?

Hair down there.

We shave, pluck, rip, etc., but why? 1,045 more words