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3 Fast-Acting Razor Burn Cures

If you’re prone to red, bumpy, itchy after-effects from shaving, dread the razorno more. Here are three DIY ways to fix razor burn fast, and also a fail-proof way to master your technique to make for a smooth shave every time. 501 more words

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Natural Ways To Treat Razor Burn For Women

Shaving is fast and affordable way to get rid of unwanted hair; however, it can have a major downside: razor burn. This skin irritation happens when one shaves an area, causing a burning sensation that may look like a red, bumpy rash. 336 more words


A Weird Day

So, as the title says, it’s been a weird day. My mom still has yet to discover my article on gender dysphoria, so that story is still developing. 308 more words


LaLune Naturals Aloe vera Gel review

I have have very sensitive skin and have always used aloe vera Gel from my local pharmacy for sun burn and razor burn. Although it worked I have always hated the smell and that it was so sticky feeling until it dried. 318 more words


What to do when you get out of the shower?

I just love this real moss bathmat!

Anyhoo, this post is continuing on from How to take a shower? from Monday.

So you’ve finished your shower and patted your hair and body dry…now get rid of that towel.   643 more words


The correct way to shower?

Um, so apparently there is a correct way to shower.  Who knew?

I’ll take you through the steps and let you know how it went for me. 801 more words


7 Annoying Things That Happen to Your Bikini Line—And How to Fix Them

The area that gets the most razor love when anything summer is related? Your bikini line trumps even your leg or underarm areas, but it’s also the situation with the most harrowing shaving terrain. 985 more words