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Crowd Fondling

There I was, standing along the edge of humanity, looking for a sign of life out there, somewhere.

I swear every single tourist visiting Alaska was attending that most valued event, the very same day, that I….”Watch out Lady, you might just have been groping the husband of a crazed ex-veteran, who didn’t care….”What?. 623 more words


Scaleless Aquatic Creatures 25: Fresh Razor Clams (鮮蟶)

The cooking method of razor clams are similar to that of giant clams. They can also be stir-fried. The household of He Chunchao makes such an incredible tofu in razor clam broth that it can be considered a masterpiece.



Scaleless Aquatic Creatures 24: Cheng Zegong's Dried Razor Clams (程澤弓蟶乾)

The merchant house of Cheng Zegong produces dried razor clam1, preparing them by soaking them in cold water for a day, boiling for two days, and squeezing out its liquids five times. 90 more words