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Superheroes are everywhere these days! My script doctoring of Marvel’s mishandling of Foolkiller continues with Part 21. Wonder what all this is about? FOR PART ONE CLICK   1,051 more words

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Reaction to Battlebots S2 E7

The first episode of the Sweet Sixteen Season 2 Battlebots is an unfortunate mixture of thrilling and boring fights. You could easily rank each battle in terms of how stellar they are going from Warhead vs. 457 more words


The GAS Must Be Crazy

Guitar Acquisition Syndrome: “it’s just an interesting psychological phenomenon!”

“GAS: it’s priceless”

That beautiful GA Yupangco Co., & Inc. Store’s Washburn Heavy Metal Series, WV40 Vindicator’s acquisition would have made a lovely addition to the collection. 512 more words


BattleBots 8/4/16 Recap: Bronco Booty Bumps Its Way to Quarterfinals

We’re down to the Sweet 16. The fights are getting fiercer, the bots are getting better, and I’m running out of alliterative cliches to lead off this recap, so I’m just gonna leave it at that. 1,226 more words


Let's Talk About These BattleBots Judges Decisions

Judges decisions in any form of competition are prone to some controversial shenanigans, but what we’ve seen in BattleBots this season is bordering on something of an epidemic. 1,904 more words


Reaction to Battlebots S2 E5

Okay, NOW my bracket is busted.

Episode Five was definitely the upset episode as three out of the four matches had a lower seed beating an upper seed with one of the matches beating a top eight seed! 489 more words


Support Plug-n-Play - it's not what you think!

Legendary Burners Parts (Plug4) and Bacchus (Disorient, or as it is known this year, D16Orient) have teamed up to bring vinyl and old school beats back to the Inner Playa. 865 more words

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