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Baxter Co. Razorback Club hosts 22nd annual tourney

The Baxter County Razorback Club’s 22nd annual golf tournament will be held July 25-26 at Big Creek Golf & Country Club in Mountain Home. Proceeds are used to benefit non-profit organizations. 153 more words


Initial Reaction to ABC Battlebots (2015) Episode 1

Holy Crap.

Battlebots has returned this year on ABC and it’s as ridiculous and amazing as it was more than ten years ago on Comedy Central.   1,175 more words


How was this a character?

Hello, Dear Reader, and welcome to my first of many articles!  I plan on doing a daily installment centering around the less known characters out there, beginning with… 206 more words


We've Only Just Begun

Back in Hanoi!  They built a new airport, and it’s beautiful.  It’s huge.  LAX Customs with Heathrow architecture of sorts.  The 8 lane highway leading to the airport is 6 months new also.   373 more words

40k - Razorbakk WIP II

Finished up the passenger last night, giving him both a missile launcher (for the h-k) and a stormbolter. I also adjusted the lascannon mount; the gunner fits far better now. 46 more words


40k - Unyielding Razorback Conversion WIP

Given how long it’s been since I did much with 40k, it’s probably worth prefacing this entry a little. So. The Unyielding
The Unyielding are a lost chapter trapped aboard a massive space hulk slash ship’s graveyard (whether by fate or strange science, it attracts ships through the warp which generally crash into it and become enmeshed), and consists of the original lost chapter plus various members of lost squads, companies, and kill teams that they’ve come across on this hulk-world. 432 more words


Church on Sunday. Walk Three.

Walk 3

April’s Walk was a beauty chosen on a whim through discussions with fellow walkers at work – the Cathedral Ranges. Just an hour out of Melbourne it was an area both of us had failed to explore in our youth. 1,251 more words