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ARP "League Tension" Part 2


I didn’t even have the patience to sit through this whole thing… but I’m postin’ anyway because he kind’a touched on the fight with QueenzFlip, lol. 18 more words

Muzikal Kombat

"Anyone Can Grow"

An interview with Douglas Mallette of Cybernated Farm Systems (CFS).

As population grows and traditional methods of farming become increasingly unfit for purpose (global yields have been declining for years); around the world, visionaries and have-a-go heroes are working on the solutions that should (fingers crossed) be mankind’s salvation. 1,185 more words

The Future of Food

“Over the last decade, world grain reserves have fallen by one third. World food prices have more than doubled” according to Lester R. Brown of the Earth Policy Institute in his book ‘Full Planet, Empty Plates’. 850 more words


Goodz vs Ah Di Boom full rap battle from the epic game changing Blood Sweat & Tiers battle rap event.

Hip Hop

Big Kannon vs. Ill Will battle recaps, by the fans 


This battle here has been the highest point of January 2015 and a few battle rap fans have taken the time to make a recap of it. 3,844 more words

Battle Rap

A Living Income

and the accounting adjustment.

The Living Income. Not basic, because we’re not talking about stuffing people in awful concrete pigeon holes and feeding them bread and water. 824 more words


Wordplay: Big Kannon vs Ill Will

Unexpected match but nonetheless a war of words. Big Kannon is underrated as a battler. He’s great with punchlines and wordplay. Ill Will is a beast but past few battles (not including X-Factor) weren’t his best showings but this was truly a return to form. 48 more words

Battle Rap