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FINAL BLOG: My round up of a resource based economy

Hi guys!

Welcome back to Utopia! And welcome to my final blog post! Eeeek! I am defiantly sad it is coming to an end but I am also excited for it all to be over so I can finally relax again! 502 more words

BLOG 6: "I wouldn't have had a baby if I stayed in my old life" - Julie Glasscock

Hi guys!

Welcome back to Utopia! This week I finally managed to get hold of Julie Glasscock, one of the co-founders of Kadagaya – the only community in the whole world that is practicing a resource based economy. 573 more words

RBE is worst form of cronyism

Resource-Based Economies(RBE) are a fantasy at best, a crime against humanity at worst.

Read up on the Economic Calculation Problem, or consider the short version: somebody will allocate capital; somebody will decide what to produce, and somebody will direct your life. 42 more words


BLOG 4: Money=debt debt=slavery

Hi guys!

Welcome back to Utopia! This week I went up to London’s Hyde Park to again meet with Eric Hansen from the Zeitgeist movement, but this time he was doing a talk exclusively on a… 420 more words

BLOG 7:"RBE is pure communism"- Nick Tapping

Hi guys!

Welcome back to Utopia! In today’s post I have some more blog exclusive content for you! I’m going to show you an edit from my interview with the founder, and previous leader of The Money Free Party, Nick Tapping. 210 more words

BLOG 3: "It's more profitable to pollute" - Roxanne Meadows

Hi guys!

Welcome back to Utopia! This week I spoke to a very exciting and important woman for my documentary. I managed to get hold of Roxanne Meadows from The Venus Project, one of the co-founders and owner of the complex. 446 more words

BLOG 2: The Zeitgeist Movement


Welcome back to Utopia! Today I thought I would give you a little life update on who I’ve been contacting and my big trip last weekend. 299 more words