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Why RBI is worried about India’s financial sector

India’s economy—and its industries—are ever evolving. This is especially true for the financial sector, which is still in a nascent stage in many ways. Considering this, there is much that emerging markets like India could learn from the problems in the rich world. 13 more words

Rajan is right, the window dressing of bad loans by banks should end

Vivek Kaul

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Raghuram Rajan was speaking at a function to inaugurate the Meghanand Desai Academy of Economics in Mumbai, yesterday (July 28, 2015). 1,279 more words


New financial code may kill RBI's autonomy

The past few days have been spattered with debate over RBI losing its autonomy – something the junior FM Jayant Sinha has said will not be usurped – over the monetary policy of the country. 767 more words


Taking a home loan? This is how dual financing by banks might hurt you

Paul Volcker, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve of the United States, the American central bank, is once said to have remarked: “the only thing useful banks have invented is the ATM”. 1,277 more words


The Gajendra Chauhan syndrome: Why politicians are trying to take over RBI

Vivek Kaul

The politicians are at it again—trying to fill up their people everywhere. The latest casualty of what I will call the Gajendra Chauhan syndrome of Indian politics, is likely to be the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). 1,278 more words


De-stress Indian public sector banks

Picture of a time-bomb along with the news is apt. Yes, if any organisation will destruct Indian economy, hold up its progress and perpetuate the vulgar disparity in the incomes of the average Indian, it is the ‘publc sector banks’ and to a somewhat lesser extent the private sector ones. 107 more words


RBI's power to decide on key interest rates in danger

In the wake of the government trying to control the veto power to vote, the former RBI Governor, C. Rangarajan has come forward and expressed his views on the move. 314 more words