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Another great stay at Jojoba SKP park

It’s been a while since our last update so let us begin by wishing you all a belated MERRY CHRISMAS!!!! And a HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!! 2,267 more words

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Flying Planes With Squirrel Cages

Fixed wing remote control planes are ridiculously overpowered. Whereas normal, manned fixed wing aircraft need to take into account things like density altitude, angle of attack, and weight limits, most RC aircraft can hover. 240 more words

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Our visit to Kanab Utah

Hmmmmm, for almost 3 years we have tried to keep our travel days to mid-week or Sundays but it seems we have been traveling on Fridays a fair amount the last couple months. 3,401 more words

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3D Printed Plane Flies High

One of our avid readers, loves RC planes. After getting into 3D printing, the next logical step was to start building is own planes… And now… 170 more words

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Move Over Red Bull, Hot Wire Foam Cutter Now Gives You Wings

Not many people will argue with flying RC airplanes is super fun. One big bummer is when a crash damages a part beyond repair. Sure, the RC pilot could keep buying replacement parts but doing so will add up after a while. 153 more words

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