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Let's Plan it!! Classic Bathroom.

SO, hello there my name is Robyn, and very much The Cute Cactus. I work in a plumbers merchant, but I love to craft. I’ve always wanted to design and plan bathrooms suites. 607 more words


Light-up box

I recently bought this little box – I was looking for a box frame to put my commemorative 50ps in but this was reduced in price and I couldn’t res… 81 more words

51. Re-Do: Addiction

Hi, my name is Shampie and I’m addicted to Vernors. Personally, I kind of don’t like this. I know I was rushing this because I’m not good with time management and have been running out of time to work on it. 39 more words


50. Re-Do: Answers

Okay, I know Scott and Al told me to stop doing the whole “this happens if you drink Vernors” but I feel like it might get somewhere. 33 more words

49. Re-Do: Bathing Suit

Honestly, this is the same concept as the one before with the bathing suit post and the other one. I just love the idea so much, I need to do a prototype for it even if it doesn’t have to do much for Vernors. 27 more words

48. Re-Do: Linerie

I wanted to do a Re-Do on the Bathing Suit post and instead, it’s lingerie. When men wear underwear in films, it can be funny or gross, but if a girl does it, it’s embarrassingĀ or sexual. 42 more words

47. Re-do: Rivalry

There’s no image as a prototype, but a story instead.

A girl named Amy was in a relationship with a guy who’d always buy her a Canada Dry. 461 more words