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Where's that Found?

While researching I’ve come across a lot of people referring to their gear by the burial it was based upon. I need to get used to seeing this and recognising the time and place it is from. 87 more words


Headcovering Research

From what I read women may have covered their heads, or may not have. They had to cover their heads once married, but didn’t have to. 121 more words


I'm going Viking!

I’m a 15th century re-enactor, I’ve made historical clothing reproductions and costumes from post 15th century, but have never made or really researched anything before the 15th century. 328 more words


Creating an impression: 82nd Airborne, Italy 1943-44

This is part of a new series, written by contributors outside of Vintage Airsoft itself (though I am sure I and some friends will have to do some of our own as well). 1,783 more words


Colonial Days at Fort de Chartres

Our family’s annual weekend event of 18th century re-enacting has come and gone by as of the weekend before, but I added some advancements and additions to our outfits worthy to share.  773 more words


'Zat a REAL fire? or...What is this strange hobby anyway and why do I do it?

Most people who meet me and find out what I do in my spare time quickly realize that history is my passion.  As a child my favorite school field trips were always to the historical sites, like Plimoth Plantation and Old Sturbridge Village where they cooked on the fire, spun wool or flax, and made candles.  1,305 more words

Living History

Craftsman's Hands

I love watching people make things.

An artisan working on a craft always displays a kind of elegance that only comes with experience. There is a precision and economy of gesture that, to my eye, is essential to mastery. 156 more words