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World War II Weekend

Just a quick post to let you my readers know that I’m still here, and a new post is coming very soon.  I’ve been fighting off a sinus infection/head cold/allergies, and this weekend, when I was just starting to feel better, was taken up with World War II weekend, an annual event here at our town’s historic… 212 more words


The Debut of the Victorian Reproduction Tiny House

As I outlined yesterday, the last 4 months have been spent- every waking, non-working, non-raining hour- has been spent getting the tiny house ready for it’s reenacting debut.   1,102 more words


My Pennsylvania Associators Hat is Complete!

And it didn’t turn out that terribly for my first attempt!

You can go see how I made this by clicking this link!

American History

Transforming my Historically Inaccurate Round Hat Into a Historically Accurate Associators Hat

Many of you might recall that I’ve posted about how inaccurate is my round hat. I recently bought a historically correct military tricorn for my continental impression (I mean, I needed one anyway), so the question became “what do I do with this round hat?”  Well, I found an answer. 880 more words

American History

18th Century Living History Harvest Day

“O’er our fields the frost has descended;

Labor is done, gone is the sun;

Safely stored, the harvest is ended;

All in a ring, dancing we sing.” 

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Some Reactions to my Posts About Progressives

Some have asked for examples of bullying from the progressive community. Consequently I also received emails and facebook posts from so many people I can’t very well list them all. 607 more words


Why I Do Not Support the Current Manifestation of the Progressive Reenacting Movement

(Here is the tl;dr version)

I’m that guy who criticizes historical inaccuracies in almost everything. I hate it when movies and television shows get basic facts about the past wrong, and dammit I’m vocal about it. 3,717 more words