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'Zat a REAL fire? or...What is this strange hobby anyway and why do I do it?

Most people who meet me and find out what I do in my spare time quickly realize that history is my passion.  As a child my favorite school field trips were always to the historical sites, like Plimoth Plantation and Old Sturbridge Village where they cooked on the fire, spun wool or flax, and made candles.  1,305 more words

Living History

Craftsman's Hands

I love watching people make things.

An artisan working on a craft always displays a kind of elegance that only comes with experience. There is a precision and economy of gesture that, to my eye, is essential to mastery. 156 more words

Living History

Learning about history from books has never been our cup of tea. Most often we like to re-enact it. This we usually do every fall at Koh-Koh-Mah and Foster Living History Encampment. 1,006 more words

Re-enactment is more than just replaying history

Re-enactment is a hobby which mixes both tussling and fun. It is that combination which brings about a rather special atmoshphere. Still historical accuracy is a must and the practicioners do take medieval life serious. 1,022 more words


Making a Tent Fly

It can take a long time to make a tent fly — but it’s worth it.

What is a Tent Fly?

A fly refers to the outer layer of a tent or to a piece of material which is strung up using rope as a minimalist, stand-alone shelter.

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Woodworking Techniques

My Short Story in new Napoleonic Book!

I’m really very excited because I had a short story accepted for a Napoleonic anthology earlier this year – and the book is released on Monday 18th July! 106 more words

Re-Enacting as a research method for historical fiction authors

I have been trawling through old photos today to have a looksee at some of those gems which I took thinking, ‘I’ll write a blog post on this when I get home’ and never did, and I have found SO MANY. 687 more words

British Regency