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World War Two Weekend 2018

Last weekend was the annual WWII reenactment that we attended and I thought I would share with you some pictures of the event.  This weekend event has been going on in the spring at the historic Jefferson Barracks for over 30 years now, and it was especially perfect weather to make it even more enjoyable this year.  1,204 more words


What Weather?

I’ve been finishing up me sewing for the event, which is famous for it’s cold weather– apparently I would freeze, I was told. I come from a place where at 19C we put on warm clothing and complain that it is ‘freezing’ and one year my friend tells me it snowed four days after the event. 378 more words


What Serk?

So I need a dress to go under the apron dress. I think this is known as a “serk”.

For my 15th century smocks I make them very similar to the below diagram: 407 more words


What Resource?

So I’ve started work on my mock-up ‘apron-dress’ before starting on my good fabric.

Yes, I went for a pretty herringbone, but following on from my… 284 more words


Where's that Found?

While researching I’ve come across a lot of people referring to their gear by the burial it was based upon. I need to get used to seeing this and recognising the time and place it is from. 87 more words


Headcovering Research

From what I read women may have covered their heads, or may not have. They had to cover their heads once married, but didn’t have to. 121 more words


I'm going Viking!

I’m a 15th century re-enactor, I’ve made historical clothing reproductions and costumes from post 15th century, but have never made or really researched anything before the 15th century. 328 more words