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Romantic Ball, Kasteel d'Ursel, November 2016

Romantic era ( late 1820s and 30s) is a rather,  well, ‘interesting ‘ period, fashion wise.  Men’s garb is superb – nipped in waists, tailcoats, cravats, waistocats galore – very smart, very dashing. 825 more words


What can female reenactors can do?

I read a blog post recently saying one of the down sides of re-enacting was being a female reenactor as they weren’t allowed to dress as a male off the battlefield and women were only allowed to do four things in their camp—and spinning wasn’t even one of them! 58 more words


Train Tickets

Okay. This post is  kind of an experiment, really. I was in need of some WW2-style train tickets, for a re-enactment/LARP-type thing. I searched all over the internet, but found nothing. 93 more words


The Nightmare (2015)

“A look at a frightening condition that plagues thousands; sleep paralysis.” — IMDb

As someone who has read about and been simultaneously fascinated and terrified by the idea of sleep paralysis, this was both a fun and deeply disturbing watch. 414 more words


Fit for a saint

Here is the surcoat for Saint George. I decided to make it open sided, more of a tabard as it may well be worn by lots of people within our group over its lifetime and that way it will be a ,’one size fits all’, piece of kit. 317 more words


So you wanna be a re-enactor?

Re-enactment has been ever increasingly grown in popularity over the past years.  Every period imaginable has its own re-enactment group and it draws a wide variety of people, regardless of age, race, gender, sexuality and religion.   968 more words