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Women's Footed Hose

I’ve been re-enacting since 2002, and have made cotes, shifts, veils, hoods and surcotes. I have had a go at making almost every piece of standard feminine soft kit except hose!  164 more words

Living History

Shield confessions

During my re-enactment fighting ”career”, i have had contact with several shields. Mostly with my hands, but occasionally with teeth and other less tender parts also. 1,389 more words


The Positives of Re-enactment as a Hobby

Three years ago, I made one of the best decisions of my life and joined Historia Normannis, a re-enactment group specialising in 12th to 13th Century British life covering all aspects from warfare to religious life.   1,404 more words


Playing cards mark III... Pasteboard - an experiment

From earlier research, I’d found out that the printmaking paper I’d been using to make 17th century playing cards is wrong, historically speaking.  So now I’m working on playing cards mark 3 –  and I’d like them to be as correct as I can possibly get them. 501 more words

Re-Enactments and Truth

The film Stories We Tell (2012) is a film created by Sarah Polley about her family, with a particular focus on her mother. While this film uses a lot of interviews with the family, it also relies heavily on re-enactments of conversations that were described. 506 more words

Waltz with Bashir/Animated Documentary, re-enactment and Truth

Waltz with Bashir raises questions with it’s use of reenactment an animation. Animation greatly complicates the truth because of the simple fact that viewers know that what they are seeing has been created instead of generated in real time with real people. 452 more words

A Prairie Viking: Josefina Nelson (aka Alfdis Hallvardsdottir)

I met Josefina Nelson at the 2nd Annual Saskatoon Highland Games. It was a cold day for September and Josefina was much braver than me, sporting a long undyed linen dress and apron, while I shivered even wrapped in my Columbia jacket. 668 more words