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Please Sign This Release Form...Sire...

The question of legalities and model releases and copyrights and unauthorised images and watermarks and commercial usage compensation paradigm flux capacitor doppler shift has always been a fraught and difficult one. 340 more words


Reenactment: making clothing (prt. 2)

Yeah, it’s been kinda quiet in the reenactment department (except for the pretty box), this doesn’t mean I didn’t do anything, I just had nothing to show. 401 more words


Hez Jamil: historical reenactor

Everyone has a story. Hez Jamil has always enjoyed history, but it was thanks to Islington friends that he discovered that he really enjoyed being a 13th century mercenary fighter. 1,415 more words


A weekend of two halves

Hello everyone and welcome to Yorkshire where I am pleased to tell you that time travel has indeed become possible!

We have whizzed through what was left of summer and have gone straight to November where the swideways misty rain is in full force. 523 more words


crown progress

I’ve got all eight panels done now, mostly in the last couple of days. The hinges need fiddling with to straighten them up a bit, and some polishing still needs looking at, but otherwise the body of the thing is ready to go off and be hallmarked and plated. 317 more words


Very sunny Spain

Sharon and I really enjoyed our recent trip to Spain, it was between 35 and 40 degrees while we were there, a little bit different to Yorkshire, so we did a lot of staying in the shade. 332 more words


Symington corset pattern 1907-07 experiment

When, earlier on this year, the scans of Symington corset patterns were released, (by Leicester County council, link to the patterns, etc: Leicestershire symington patterns… 1,103 more words