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A 15th Century Burgundian Wardrobe, Photography and Wool

One of the great things about changing reenactment groups last year is the fact I am not restricted to 1480 Italian clothing. As much as I love that period, before I joined my old group I was interested in the clothing from other parts of Europe including Flanders and Burgundy. 326 more words


1 year of blogging: 2016

Yesterday I posted about what I achieved in 2015 . Today I’m going to post about what I how I feel about 2015 en what I want to achieve on the 3 major subjects. 862 more words

Clean Eating

1 year of blogging: 2015

I didn’t do a new years resolutions post. First because I don’t do new years resolutions, if you want to change it just start doing it, don’t wait until a certain date. 965 more words

Clean Eating

That moment

When during training you get hit just below your knee protection during training. First ‘battle wound’. A well, if I wanted to make sure I didn’t get hurt I should have started needle binding or tablet weaving… 16 more words

Clean Eating

Straight Shooter by TomShacochis

We always like someone who shoots it straight. We know what to count on. It is direct. There’s no dancing around the issue or getting the feeling that it is a revolving door. 17 more words

Fine Art

Running a Costuming Business, part 3:The Art of Objectivity

A short follow up on my earlier posts, ( part 1 and 2), dealing with running a creative business – not only a costuming one I suppose, but applying to many art- and craft-related business as well. 2,337 more words


The Warning Bells and The Tingling Whiskers

I cannot explain why the bells go off or why the whiskers tingle – particularly since I have tinnitus and shave closely every day.

But they do – those internal bells and virtual whiskers that tell you to beware. 251 more words

Bad Luck