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Poppy Wave at Fort Nelson Portsmouth

Portsdown Hill will host the Poppies Wave WW1 installation for the coming three months between April and June 2018. Venue is the Royal Armouries Museum, Fort Nelson. 74 more words


What Weather?

I’ve been finishing up me sewing for the event, which is famous for it’s cold weather– apparently I would freeze, I was told. I come from a place where at 19C we put on warm clothing and complain that it is ‘freezing’ and one year my friend tells me it snowed four days after the event. 378 more words


Renaissance chisels

It’s virtually impossible to make a 100% accurate re-enactment kit. Especially on a low budget. Sandra and I decided to start with a basic set and improve it over time. 459 more words

Micheline's re-enactment is smashing success, but she questions, Why isn't there more to honour women's courage?

On the 100th anniversary of women in Ireland gaining the right to vote, Micheline re-created her defiant grandmother Hanna Sheehy Skeffington’s act of civil disobedience against patriarchy by smashing window panes at Dublin Castle. 800 more words

What Serk?

So I need a dress to go under the apron dress. I think this is known as a “serk”.

For my 15th century smocks I make them very similar to the below diagram: 407 more words


The Nydam Quiver - part 2a

Please forgive the delay, it’s been a rough 12 months. This was to have been about the finishing, at the end of the last part… 382 more words


Picture Friday- Weaving and Warping Board

Today I share a picture from Milan (not sure of the date).

Here we see a six shaft loom, winding multiple threads at a time onto a warping board and squished to the right is a spinning wheel. 10 more words