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Why Kangaroo Rats Don't Get Dehydrated in the Desert

Behold, the hindermost of the nations shall be a wilderness, a dry land, and a desert. (Jeremiah 50:12b)

Kangaroo rats thrive in America’s hot, dry deserts —  so why don’t they suffer from being dehydrated? 

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Creation Apologetics

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An interesting article by Dr. Jim, JJSJ. I am reposting it here. The Lord’s amazing Providential Design is beyond our human comprehension of His Love and Care for all critters.

Re-post: Heywood Hill News - I won the Second Prize!!

(This article was originally posted on Heywood Hill Mayfair website, on 30th November 2016)

Heywood Hill, the legendary independent London bookshop, announced today that Mariadela Villegas, a third year student at the University of Texas in Austin, has won the  716 more words


Fusion of cerebrum

I can remember the moment when I first read that post: it happened the same week I’d just started working on my SkalaBox project. “The program would be useful to prevent exactly such cases”, I thought then. 11 more words


Moth to a Flame

The moth circled the flitting flame. The glow, like gravity, drew the helpless creature in – towards its doom. The creature, unaware of its fate, sang quietly to itself: “Just a little more. 19 more words

Creative Writing


Derek Walcott, “The Spoiler’s Return” (1981)

(for Earl Lovelace)

I sit high on this bridge in Laventille,
watching that city where I left no will… 1,541 more words

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'Tell Desperadoes when you reach that hill I decompose, but I composing still.' " Derek Walcott A statement so timely on the rot that pervades Trinidad that I had to double check the year it was written because I thought he was talking about our current state. We've been doing this nonsense for years.

Contrasting Prophets and Seers vs. Psychics

I have decided to post the link to another of my sites here.   The fact is I could have posted it here because it also has to do with the theme of this blog.   40 more words


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Visual Participation from March 28, 2017

In reading Kathleen Rodgers and Willow Scobie’s “Sealfies, seals and celebs”, I found the article to be in conversation with Michael Koliska and Jessica Roberts’s “Selfies: Witnessing and Participatory Journalism with a Point of View” as both articles note the way selfies function as a kind of journalism and a witness. 306 more words