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Triple Blind Bourbon Review

Recently hung out with some whisky friends that I met on reddit. We decided to challenge ourselves to a competition, of sorts.

Three Bourbons were poured. 1,048 more words

The Good: "Mark of the Panther" (Post 2 of 2)

Written by: Lydia Marano

Original Air Date: February 8, 1996

Introduces: Tea, Anansi, Fara Maku,

Timeline placement: May 16, 1996

Location: Nigeria

TMNT episode I could make a forced comparison to… 1,031 more words


Wild Turkey Shootout (13 - Distiller's Reserve, Kentucky Spirit, Rare Breed)

Thanks to /u/I_SAID_NO_GOLDFISH for the sample of Wild Turkey 13.

A buddy of mine is going to be a dad. And as such, I assume his entire personal life will go right to heck and end up having no time for us DINKS who only want cats. 1,104 more words

Stronachie 18 A. D. Rattray [Re-Review]

Thanks to /u/WDMC-905 for the sample.

Every so often I have someone who doesn’t agree with my reviews. And when it isn’t the usual suspects who are snarky, they ask me nicely and I eventually find a new dram to re-review it. 373 more words

We Don't Even get to See the Store Open: "April's Artifact"

“You go,  jungle girl!” — Leonardo

Written by: Marty Isenberg

Original Air Date: May 1, 2004

Teaser Narrator: April O’Neil

Characters and Concepts Introduced: August O’Neil (flashbacks) 1,613 more words


Nikka Taketsura 21 [Re-Review]

Thanks to /u/cpselfbuilt for this sample… twice.

Long story short, originally I was sent this as a mystery sample. I tried it, and drank it too quickly. 361 more words

Old Grand Dad triple review (80, Bottled in Bond, 114 proof)

Thanks to /u/I_SAID_NO_GOLDFISH, /u/stinkysauce and /u/Jolarbear for these samples.

I almost feel like I don’t need to introduce the Old Grand Dad Bourbon series. 1,102 more words