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Interview: Sayaka Ganz | Artist

Japanese-born artist Sayaka Ganz says she grew up with the Shinto animist belief that everything in the world has a spirit. ‘When I see discarded items on the street or thrift store shelves, I feel a deep sadness for them and am moved to make these abandoned objects happy’.  1,020 more words


Interview: Lor-K | Street Artist

Surprise is a significant element of street art, both for the street artist during creation and for unsuspecting street walkers passing by. French urban installation artist going by the name of Lor-K is currently serving up a smorgsabord of surprises on the streets of Paris in the form of over-sized culinary delights made from discarded mattresses. 1,423 more words


How to be more sustainable

Now that it is a little clearer on what it takes to live a sustainable life. I will share some of my tips and tricks on exactly how you can decrease your carbon footprint, conserve energy, water and other resources, and be more self-sustaining. 719 more words

Did You Know?

Interview: John Lopez | Sculpture Welded Art

Sculptor John Lopez may be an understated ranch boy at heart but his sculptures are anything but. They are big, bold and magnificent, soaring high into the prairie skies of South Dakota where he was born, raised and still resides. 890 more words


Raising an Eyebrow

‘Are you going to do it red again? Red is the most common colour of front door, you know’

‘I’m not telling you. You’ll see soon enough’ 437 more words



I’ve been gone a while – but now I am returned.

Let’s start with one about identity;

hope you enjoy:


the boxes that

we fit in, 109 more words

Take what you can carry

Last Wednesday, on my scurry home from the train station I came upon something that upset me. There was a huge skip out the front of an empty shopfront loaded with assorted timber (much of it was floating timber flooring), building waste and, on top, a multitude of bowls and other kitchen items. 192 more words

Making Change