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Updates and Public Posting

I have accomplished a lot over the last month. I got it together.

I contacted my Insurance that I have through my new job. To sum it up. 903 more words

Cambridge Election Fever

Tomorrow’s general election, 7 May 2015, will see Cambridge city once again hotly-contested. The University of Cambridge was given two parliamentary seats in 1603 and this constituency (of two seats) was not abolished until 1950. 404 more words

I’m not going thru this road again.....

HAIR: Action Inkubator HAIR Kyle
SCARF: Tako Scarf (at Uber)
TATTOO:Bolson – Mr Mockup
BRACELET: **RE** Raven Bracelet B – Male FB (at Men only Monthly) 54 more words

Hikaru Enimo

Observation Year 7 - 01/05/2015

Today was the first time I have observed a year 7 class in this school. It as a change from the GCSE, A Level lessons I have already observed. 327 more words

Focus Two - The Classroom as a Learning Environment 06/05/2015

The classroom is vital within education; it has to be comfortable, warm and nice for the students to be able to sit inside. If the classroom does not have this then the students will become distracted, if it is cold they may not be able to write properly causing them to lose work in their books. 343 more words

Cali di zuccheri, indisponenza, capricci, copioni e disgustose farfalle.Sgrunt.

Io però devo smetterla di fare la merda.

Indipendentemente dai cazzi miei, perché ognuno ha i suoi.

Però quando non mangio, divento indisponente.

E poi, quando ho rogne dalle quali non posso scappare – e sono anni che ci provo – mi arrabbio. 1,348 more words

American Sniper: God, Country, Family

We went to see the film American Sniper about a month ago. Since then, I’ve talked about it with a lot of people, and was encouraged to read Chris Kyle’s book American Sniper, to get his perspective. 564 more words