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Day 36: Keep Resisting with Weekly Actions to Resist Trump

Day 36 Actions:

Fighting all this bullshit is hard. Everyone is feeling it. This is tough, and that’s on purpose. Just because they’re wrong, doesn’t mean they’re dumb.   153 more words

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Day 35: Be a Witness to #StandingRocksLastStand

Day 35 Action:

Today an injustice, the likes of which we don’t get to see every day, without an Andrew Jackson hunting time-machine, is happening on American soil. 256 more words

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Day 34: #PrayforStandingRock

Day 34 Action:

They have been fighting for their only right they have left, for us to take, since August. And today another battle will be lost for them. 371 more words

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Day 33: Brick by Brick, We Build a Wall-of-Us

Day 33 Action:

Happy already Tuesday to you! Did you have a lovely #NotMyPresidentsDay? Did you find time to rest and rejuvenate so that today you awake with a renewed sense of “ 385 more words

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Call the Samaritans

An unbalanced life is unsustainable.

Take care of your health, it’s all you really have, the rest is icing on the cake.

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Day 32: WKTB 30-Day Recap (1) - All Actions Listed

Day 32 Action:

We created this website as a way to find control. To provide action. To be something of a centralized location for all of the amazing resources, created by even more amazing patriots, helping all of us to make an America we can be proud of again. 530 more words

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Day 30: Sweet and Simple Saturday - Find Next Week's Town Hall Meeting

Day 30 Action:

Drinks all around! We made it to the first 115th Congressional Recess! Huzzah!

Well, most of us did… a moment for those we left behind: 393 more words

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