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You will kill yourself by mourning the past.

I can honestly say, it wasn’t till this past September that I actually grieved my brother (J); we lost him in October 2010. I know what you’re probably thinking.. 1,010 more words


10 Ways to Overcome Difficulties

Overcoming personal struggles is the hardest thing I had ever had to do. It’s tougher than juggling motherhood and work put together. With a live-in house assistant to take the weight off your shoulder once in a while, working and parenting is manageable. 1,082 more words

Good music lasts.... fashion not so much

The Four Tops and “Reach Out” is a classic song.  But those big jackets and too short trousers?  To 21st century eyes, slightly odd and hilarious, although obviously sharp styling at the time, 50 years ago.


you are not alone

Summer stretches out

the viscous my mind’s pushing

through, enticing me,

to take a dive down

into the undulating

clarity telling

myself that it is… 91 more words


Are you ever actually alone ?

When was the last time you were alone? When I say alone, I mean without your phone or any type of technology that allows you to text, play games, access social media and more. 760 more words

5 Simple Ways to Build a Village – for Yourself

Do you ever feel isolated, like you’re the only one whose child has challenges? I remember walking through the halls of my son’s elementary school, imagining that nobody else had to worry about having a tough drop off, or that they might get a call from a flustered administrator later in the day. 1,081 more words