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GEORGE’S DIARY MAGAZINE BRAND… We’re almost getting there!


Work is in progress as we prepare to deliver to you the WORLD’S FIRST GLOBAL FREE HD DIGITAL MAGAZINE! 36 more words


Blue Monday- Reach Out

Today January 16th is known as blue Monday. It’s known as the most depressing time of the year. Make an effort to reach out to someone and show kindness and compassion. 156 more words

This is not the end, I've only just begun.

A wise woman once stated “God does not dish out anything that we cannot handle“. Those words sat in my thoughts ever since. For those out there who are scared of that pesky word “God” replace it with “life” and get inspired to tackle your problems head on, balls to the wall, leave no survivors, I am going to conquer any issue that you throw at me! 467 more words


When I Saw You

When I saw you

the other day

I looked the other way

I wanted to tell you

I’m still here

That I will always be near… 83 more words

Say what you will

Why poetry?

Why now?

and here right out in this open space

How can I?

Why should I?

Give me a reason

Show me a sign… 22 more words


Calm Amidst the Storm, Praying

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Friday, January 6, 2017

Calm Amidst the Storm, Praying

As I was reading the slim book “How to Sit” this evening, I was struck by the analogy given. 316 more words

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

Is it?

My own personal experiences with the holidays were always happy ones.

I had everything I needed or wanted from Santa and I was lucky that way. 194 more words

Mental Health Journey