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SOL17 DoodleaDay 24 Peace Frames

Do you remember the music of your teens?

My music chimed of peace and love, and justice in the tumultuous 60s: Assassination of John F Kennedy, Civil Rights Movement, VietNam War and Protests. 178 more words


Hug, With Caution

The drain of your emotion seems to leave me less than whole
The fear I can’t assuage the grief another human feels
Your loneliness and heartache seem to permeate my soul… 117 more words


Day 61: WKTB 30-Day Recap (2) All Actions Listed

Here we are again. Another 30 days of this Administration. It’s frustrating and exhausting, we know. But it’s also another 30 days filled with actions and activists who aren’t giving up, who refuse to stay quiet in the face of injustice and who remain indignant in the face of the audacious activities and attitudes of this White House and their most senior staffer. 322 more words

Reach Out

Day 59: Acts of Kindness Sundays - Carry Cash

Day 59 Actions:

I don’t know about you, but I hardly have cash on me anymore. From credit cards to Venmo- there’s not much call to do so these days. 574 more words

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Day 58: Sweet and Simple Saturdays: Acts of Mercy

Day 58 Action:

The budget. Mulvaney and Ryan said it was “an act of mercy.”

It is always astonishing when bureaucrats use words as weighty and intimate as hope and mercy while at the same time speaking in national statistics, often unfathomable in their size and scope, built to create distance and cold resolution in the face of pain and suffering. 272 more words

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Day 57: Vote With Your Wallet

Day 57 Action:

No matter how sappy and sweet their commercial, no matter how many tissues you need to get through their 30 second spot with the fridge and the big red bow – the cold hard fact about companies is that the bottom line to them- is cold hard cash. 562 more words

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Day 56: Throwback Thursday - In Case You Missed These Resist Gems

Day 56 Actions:

This administration’s mission statement is to make our heads spin on a continuous axis of WTF. So a lot is happening. A lot will keep happening. 143 more words

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