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Reach out and jump in

Are you aware of that your language settings on your dashboard makes different in how many people you reach with your blog?

This is mainly for you, who don’t choose english as language in the settings. 169 more words


Shine 30/52

This week started out, as they invariably do, with no plan, no ideas, just some scraps and a blank(ish) page.
I began with tissue paper. I love the semi-translucent. 132 more words


Value of Friendship to Feed Inspiration

It is true that it has been said that writing is its own reword. While this axiom does carry weight and will empower one to place their fingers upon the keys of their keyboard, it still at its core can be a solitary endeavour. 534 more words


Between The First And The Last

In the scheme of things while most of the times, most memorably cherished are the firsts,  the most valued are the lasts.

First love, First kiss, First cry…. 144 more words



I’ve been wondering why I never told anybody about what my mother did to me. I have five big siblings, and I never told anyone. I keep asking myself why I did not reach out for help. 241 more words


Never Feel Alone

I know what it’s like to think no one would understand what I’m going through.

I’m hurting, but it’s never “serious” enough to where I would need immediate help. 115 more words



Surprisingly this word has only come up twice before in my blog and was only briefly used. If you know me, I use this word frequently to describe my moods. 496 more words