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Mindful Musings #111

Dreams are just that;


Only when you reach our your hands

And grasp their otherwise



Do your dreams become



Women with babies

So I never really knew where to start if at all on creating a ‘blog’, but I when I take a look back of the crap I was subject to and didn’t end up suffering with postnatal depression, anxiety and/or not feeling like I could cope with 3 young boys on my own…well I did and believe feelings are best shared and not hidden away. 578 more words

Do It For Yourself

I overcame Depression, and you can, too!  There is hope!

I was once one of those millions who thought that Depression was incurable. This past week, I was reminded of just how lost I used to be and how far I’ve come. 307 more words

Abuse is abuse. 

This week on Twitter someone tweeted a hashtag and it quickly went viral. Thousands of females began tweeting their experiences of domestic violence while using the hashtag “#MaybeHeDoesntHitYou.” While some may overlook, there is so much to be found just by clicking the hashtag… 500 more words

Loving The Unlovely

“…..stop allowing the enemy to set the agenda for your responses to those who are obnoxious, unloving and unbelieving. There is no defense against love. Why would you posture yourself before ANYONE who doesn’t know Me in any way but love? 296 more words


Recovery: Resilience means more than bouncing like a rubber ball


Throughout my recovery, many people praised or derided me for my resiliency.  I thought I knew what they meant about being a resilient person.  But I didn’t.   653 more words

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