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Those who know me well are aware of my love of walking. I don’t drive often, unless necessary, which makes my neighborhood the perfect fit for me. 551 more words

Reach out and jump in

Are you aware of that your language settings on your dashboard makes different in how many people you reach with your blog?

This is mainly for you, who don’t choose english as language in the settings. 169 more words


Reach Out by Blair Gaulton

Reach Out
Words live;
when people smile;
get angry laugh or cry.
The emotions show;
that we have reached out to others;
via these words.
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)Oct 2015


Cherish the moment...

So many tragedies, so many tears – from the shooting in Oregon to the flooding in South Carolina grabbing headlines the same week…ISIS is still wreaking havoc in the Middle East and at home, we still haven’t established who killed little Seya..it’s a dark world and it is easy to drown in all in sorrow, in one big heap.. 464 more words


This week was all about picking myself back up and learning how to. Struggle is a part of everyday life and of life in general. Some say that you are not living until you have felt pain or have dealt with struggle. 462 more words

Reach Out

This is something that we humans have learned to avoid doing–for whatever personal or social reasons. It’s hard to ask for help, I know, and often times we think it’s ‘easier’ to deal with things on our own. 169 more words

Little Forgotten Hope

If We are the Body....

I heard a song this summer that really convicted me. The chorus goes like this: “But if we are the body, Why aren’t His arms reaching?  619 more words