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” You don’t get better overnight, but you do get much better. I was as down in the muck as far as I could go. I had to go and open the door for the first time because there was no other place to go. 164 more words

Depressed Anonymous

Video coming up! With your help!

alright so this blog isn’t just for me to use as a digital journal , it’s also for you guys. I am trying to decide on what would really help yall out the most. 83 more words


You held me down, but I got up, already brushing off the dust. You hear my voice, you hear that sound, like thunder gonna shake the ground.


Prayer prompt for Saturday, March 21

Is there someone you haven’t spoken to in a while who could use some encouragement? Be a vessel of God’s grace and reach out to them today.


Dive in: Reach Out 11/52

We all face bravery in different ways.

It isn’t always a visible show of courage

oftentimes nobody else knows quite how much it took

We all develop our ways of stepping forward, facing up. 37 more words

Mixed Media

Dealing with change?

Change is inevitable. Like it or not, everything is changing and it cannot be stopped. Rich or poor, male or female, old or young, the world waits for no one and you better be ready for change, because it is even happening while you are ready this. 538 more words

Living In Australia

Prevention: all the things you can do!!

“How do I make an unhealthy relationship spiritual again?”

“You don’t.”

I said it before thinking. Probably should have thought about it. But she received it well. 1,042 more words