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Dandelion lessons

Dandelions are unstoppable because God takes care of them.

Is it because the individual one is not afraid to die?

It is because there was one pure dandelion born once who was invincible. 656 more words

Reach Out

"Reach out, Touch base & Deep dive" The most disliked phrases in business?

Please Just Say It How It Is, is an article I wrote about those phrases in business that we love to hate.  It obviously hit a nerve with people, so I asked my network on… 1,375 more words


Mental Health Awareness Week Posts

🍀 Day 1 🍀 of Mental Health Awareness week  – I wrote a blog post just raising awareness in general and provided numbers for those in need. 474 more words


Ready to respond

When it comes to friends, people fall into two categories, those who reach out and those who respond. Some responders find it difficult to reach out because they have been emotionally hobbled in some fashion that they have yet to overcome. 483 more words

Feature Friday: Getting Involved

With so much heartache in the world it can be easy to shield yourself from the harsh reality around us. Pretend all is well and not educate yourself on serious matters that may not directly affect you. 571 more words


Angel Messages May 5 2017

Your Daily Message from Angels…


We love you

Thank you, Angels!!

Angel Messages

From the outside looking in it looks like a christian has no money. It looks like they suffer even more than I do. They work more and serve others don’t have as much fun as far as drinking and drugs and sex. 1,366 more words

Reach Out