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Why My Format For Blogging Will Be Changing…Slightly! (Post 364)

I don’t really want to change anything that much, but I decided after my milestone has been reached of 365 blogs (one full year) to start writing how I feel and part of that is being truthful. 823 more words


It may have taken all summer, but yesterday we achieved our goal of hiking the entire (57.7 miles) New River Trail!

Some people can bike it in a day, some can hike it in a day or two, but for a couple of seniors – one with a bum knee and one with a bum shoulder – we were pretty proud to have accomplished this goal.   427 more words


Under the unobtainable balcony 1:40 pm.

Bushwacking uphill in 35 degree heat under a scorching sun is hard work. My entire body is drenched in sweat and my heart is beating so hard I can feel the thumping in my shoulder blades but I finally made it to the building with the unobtainable balcony. 22 more words


Today's Tip for Reaching Your Goals

Most of us know what a goal is by the time we are adults. You hear about goals from your parents, teachers, and athletic coaches. So why is it that so many of us reach our adult years without the ability to reach our goals and dreams? 436 more words


Time Management: Why We Feel Busier When Close To Reaching A Goal

Is there any worse time to be interrupted than right now? Regardless of what we’re doing or the nature of the interruption, we often feel as if we have no time to spare at the moment. 413 more words

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One A Day For A Year--Here's Number 365

Quotes and Notes #365, November 4

“Knowing when to stop is the number one sign of a good writer.”—Jane B. Schulz, “My Mother Taught Me To Write” 337 more words

Quotes And Notes