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Even Return of Kings Has Trouble Pretending to be Interested in Roosh V's "Neomasculinity"

Pickup scuzzball Roosh V’s attempts to rebrand himself as a prophet of “neomasculinity” are not going well.

Several months ago, you may recall, Roosh said an official goodbye to the “red pill,” declaring that, though the term had “served its use in the past five years,” it wasn’t providing deeper answers to aging douchebags like Roosh who are desperately afraid that they’ve turned into the creepy old dude hanging out at the bar. 192 more words


Why the Ask The Red Pill subreddit is such a pathetic parade of insecurity and awfullness

The Ask the Red Pill subreddit (r/AskTRP) is an odd little creature. While the main Red Pill subreddit is an arena filled to overflowing with comically swaggering self-proclaimed alpha dogs, all competing to out-alpha one another, AskTRP is an endless parade of insecurities. 1,435 more words


Is Roosh V's empire crumbling? Not so fast.

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So there are posts up on the… 911 more words


Hitler-loving dudes named Andrew agree: Roosh V is a-OK! (Even though he's not white.)

So our dear friend Roosh V is getting support in some unexpected places. And by “unexpected” I mean “completely expected, what, are you kidding?” 136 more words


PUA douchebag Heartiste: "A typical American fatty has no chance against a sexbot with a pretty face [and] a slender BMI."

The success of the Channel 4 renegade-robot drama Humans — playing on AMC in the US — has gotten people talking again about what some see as the key question of our time: 810 more words