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Right-wingers claim Colorado shooter Robert Lewis Dear is a trans woman

So far we only know bits and pieces about the strange and isolated life of Robert Lewis Dear, the alleged shooter who murdered three people and injured many others after holing up in a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic yesterday afternoon. 1,014 more words

Men Who Should Not Ever Be With Women Ever

Roosh V: If I were French, I would totally round up a posse and throw out all the Muslim refugees

Not long after I finished my post this morning on the Manosphere dudes who are blaming the Paris attacks on the alleged “feminization” of Western culture, Manosphere dude Roosh Valizadeh put up… 410 more words


With Roosh V turning Taliban-lite, his old fans wonder: what happened to the guy who wrote Bang?

All is not happy in the world of Roosh Valizadeh. The formerly amoral hedonist, who built his online fiefdom on a bunch of books urging men to “bang” women in an assortment of countries, is turning into a moralistic, hectoring scold only a few steps removed from the Taliban. 298 more words


Even Return of Kings Has Trouble Pretending to be Interested in Roosh V's "Neomasculinity"

Pickup scuzzball Roosh V’s attempts to rebrand himself as a prophet of “neomasculinity” are not going well.

Several months ago, you may recall, Roosh said an official goodbye to the “red pill,” declaring that, though the term had “served its use in the past five years,” it wasn’t providing deeper answers to aging douchebags like Roosh who are desperately afraid that they’ve turned into the creepy old dude hanging out at the bar. 192 more words


Why the Ask The Red Pill subreddit is such a pathetic parade of insecurity and awfullness

The Ask the Red Pill subreddit (r/AskTRP) is an odd little creature. While the main Red Pill subreddit is an arena filled to overflowing with comically swaggering self-proclaimed alpha dogs, all competing to out-alpha one another, AskTRP is an endless parade of insecurities. 1,435 more words