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Picture Book Fun with Pigloo and Peppa Pig!

From Olivia to Miss Piggy, Wilbur to Piglet and beyond, I have long adored and had a soft spot for literature or entertainment starring or featuring piggies. 975 more words


Picture Book Month, day 29!

The continued celebration of great picture books……

The comical illustrations and the snarky tone make this a good read for bigs and littles.

If your kids’ imaginations need jumpstarting, this is for them. 136 more words

Picture Books

yarn along

I cast on for Noah’s birthday sweater on Sunday to have it ready for our long day of driving on Monday, taking Phoebe 2.5 hrs away to Brenner Children’s Hospital to their celiac center.   389 more words

Picture Book Month, day 21

Three books that prove in stories anything can happen!

I liked this one but wasn’t sure if younger readers would ‘get it’. They did and it was funny to see the mix of reactions from laughter to perplexity. 106 more words

Picture Books

Picture Book Month, day 18

One of my favorites of the year. I smiled all the way through the first time I read this. With its rhyme, crazy illustrations and the ‘mystery’ of who broke the teapot (hint: it’s not who you think it is!) this one is a crowd pleaser.

Picture Books

Super Engaging Book #9


Another Super Book!

When I think about the sound of coffee percolating, I remember the constant “kerplop, kerplop” of the ever busy coffee pot.  The “kerplop” sound was almost like a drumbeat saying “wake up”, “come to the kitchen”…the sound could be heard all day long. 386 more words

Positive Thinking

Picture Book Month, day 17

I love books where things get eaten! ( Cue Jaws music. . . . . .)

Tadpole’s Promise is a book everyone should know. What a surprise ending! 46 more words

Picture Books