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A Movement, Not Just A March. Snow or No: Stand for Women

This blog includes details on how Retake Our Democracy will be marching together on Saturday. Please be there snow or no.. The blog also includes a mesmerizing video of a 15 year old boy with an absolutely riveting message, info on resisting the Trump inauguration & info on 2 actions on Wednesday. 1,283 more words


Stand Up for Women, Stand Up for Justice

Roxanne Barber gets personal about why standing up for women is so important; supporting organizations that support women; joining sister marches all over New Mexico for the Women’s March on Washington; getting the Girl Scouts out of the inauguration ceremony. 1,512 more words


If I were 22...

Inspired by LinkedIn’s “If I were 22…” influencers series, I thought I’d write my own, so here goes. If I knew then what I know now, what would I do different? 6 more words


More on Heinrich & Canadian Prescription Drug Vote

Today’s post provides: follow up on Heinrich and Canadian reimportation (could a compromise be in the offing?); info about two critical Actions on Jan 25; update on Santa Fe Dem Party Ward election schedule; and a couple of great volunteer opportunities to help develop a Justice Report Card on our NM State Legislators. 2,008 more words


Sen. Martin Heinrich: Progressive Senator or Shill for Pharma? You Decide.

Sometimes it’s black and white and sometimes it really isn’t. Increasingly in online journalism, there are no subtleties, just politicians who deserve sainthood and those who deserve to be pilloried in the public square. 2,197 more words


WRITER’S SHELF: The Popsugar Reading Challenge 2017 & 2016 Wrap Up

We all know the memes going around – Like this one:

Or this one:

And especially this one:

I was so sure 2016 was the year I was just going to rock the… 2,502 more words


Inspiration from Nina Turner & Rev. Wm Barber

You’ll be inspired by Rev. Barber’s 14-point Fusion Politics Strategy, a model we will consider here. Another inspiration: a 4-minute video of Nina Turner speaking at an MLK Jr Rally in DC on Saturday. 1,078 more words