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So, Why Should You Be Interested in Self-Publishing?

The publishing industry has shifted from a one-sided form of communication that was dictated by the mainstream media to one where almost anybody can participate. Book culture is now a… 508 more words


[MEME-ish]Transmedia, Scrapping Star Wars EU, and does it matter?

Transmedia storytelling – a concept sported by Henry Jenkins, is the act of telling numerous stories over numerous platforms, to form a cohesive point. Of course, I’ll try not to bother those who’ve already binged the lecture, but there are several points and a very obvious example which illustrates the issues that can surround it. 233 more words


[SOUNDCLOUD]Remix, Cultures, and Criticisms

This is probably what I should of made a couple of weeks ago, but effort or something.

This podcast explains the criticisms and censorship surrounding the usage of sampling and remix on the social media platform of YouTube. 46 more words


Nihil Liber sub Sole

The nature of creativity, or the extent to which anything can be considered truly original is a contentious issue, but generally speaking most would probably agree that pure inventionĀ  892 more words

Batman Forever

The Mythical Read-Only Culture

While I was reading Lessig’s Remix, I realized something.

I have never seriously imagined myself to have inhabited an RO environment. In the same way, I’ve never even considered a desire for privacy, at least not as Lessig describes it (or RO media). 640 more words