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low standards edition #23

poem to the journals I burned

words, like memories, can be too solid
sometimes. i wanted memories like smoke
to fill the room, but i still yearned to see… 51 more words

First Draft

low standards edition #21

Examination to Intervention

We take water or blood.
Salt anchors our memories.
Treat this medical condition with medicine.
Exams, chemical motifs, helixes.
Who knows.
We only know the direction of water, not the… 75 more words

First Draft

low standards edition #19

this bruise is tender, like the first smoke
pluming from the chimney in fall. this one
is invisible, spoiled milk clumped together
on milky white skin. 101 more words

First Draft

low standards edition #17

the king at court

the heron’s head snaps silently into the water, splashes
only when exiting, yellow fish pinched in its jaws
waters exploding to form a crystal crown, eldest… 27 more words

First Draft

low standards edition #16


It’s spring, and the blur of a poem catches
at the edge of my vision. I’m still suddenly,
waiting. There’s the impression of something… 107 more words

First Draft

low standard edition #10

saint and sinner

I wanna tell ya to wrap
your arms around me, kiss
me like you’re all in, stumble
us toward the made up bed: 68 more words

First Draft


realizing the truth of the matter during mutual of omaha’s wild kingdom

somewhere in the ghats of india
wild dogs are hungry for antelope
a mother runs to save her own life… 191 more words