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"Chasing Power" - A Review

Today I decided to do my first book review! I hope you enjoy!

Written by Sara Beth Durst

368 Pages

“Chasing Power” follows a teenage girl, Kayla, and a boy, Daniel, as they race to stop a spell that will change their lives forever. 869 more words


Hard covers vs. paperbacks

We all like books (I hope.. otherwise you are at the wrong place right now..) but everyone has their preferences. Some like long books others like shorter books and some like paperbacks and others like hard cover books and that is exactly what I am going to be discussing today. 763 more words


Buddy Read Review: Quicksand by Malin Persson Giolito

Quicksand is a courtroom thriller about an eighteen year old girl named Maja who is on trial for a shooting at her high school that was completed by her boyfriend. 570 more words


Quote of the week

You learn to reed, so you can read to learn.

#knowledge is power


A Little German Lesson {2}

Lesson Two

In the German language, there are a few things to know about nouns.

  1. All nouns are capitalized
  2. Every noun has a gender property – feminine, masculine, or neuter.
  3. 90 more words

Carpet Burn - January, 2017

She continues to lie down sound asleep as he tosses and turns and all of his anxieties occupy the space in his heart that his love for her used to occupy. 840 more words