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Taste What You’re Missing – by Barb Stuckey

As an avid eater, I often wondered how taste worked. This book breaks it down.

First of all, there’s a widespread misconception about the very definition of taste. 707 more words


Cookies are Not Accepted - New York Times

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My taste for hate reading began with “The Fountainhead,” which I opened in a state of complete ignorance as bonus material for a college class on 20th-century architecture. 1,149 more words

Money Matters

8 books to read before you get married

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Relationships are personal.

You can read 100 books about love and marriage and still be surprised to learn that your spouse never makes the bed, but has a weird thing about organizing the dishwasher. 1,158 more words



Just when I thought I was getting back on track with my monthly TBRs, I had to go and set an extremely ambitious one…

Here are my top-priority books for May: 1,364 more words


Titus 3

  1. Verses 1-7. How ought we as Christians to behave in relation to:
    (a) civil authorities, and
    (b) our fellow-men? What double awareness about ourselves should inspire such conduct?
  2. 62 more words

Where I've Been

I’ve been standing side by side with Mare Barrow covered in red and silver blood. This kind of travel may be different from yours, but I’m still further from home every time I turn a page. 6 more words

Rising To The Challenge


I’m not really too sure why I’ve started this blog if I’m honest.

I’m studying my a-levels and anyone who has studied them will be able to relate to having literally NO time to do anything. 272 more words