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Honest and Patient Taxi Driver In Davao Goes Viral Online! Must Read!

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Another inspiring story of a citizen in Davao has made the rounds on social media sites. It is the story that was posted by a woman named Akella Shee. 17 more words

the fucked up way society tricks you into thinking you're happy

I can’t explain the emptiness I feel. college and boys and good friends and family are supposed to be fulfilling and happy. society says that I have to go to college and get an education and fall in love and get married and have kids and die feeling fulfilled but this is not for me. 181 more words


Worship and the Black Female Body, Part I

by Khalia J. Williams

On June 5, 2015, fifteen-year-old Dejarria Becton was a victim of the brutal excessive force of a Texas police officer who asserted his power over her bikini-clad body by grabbing her hair, slamming her to the ground, pushing her face into the ground, dragging her body, and pressing his knee into the center of her back with all of his weight to restrain her. 721 more words


Power of reading

Do you want to improve your inner world? Do you want to grow your imagination? Do you want to get deep insight in a field you may have restricted access to, or travel to a world away from where you are? 91 more words


Bookworm Bloggin': Suicide Notes by Michael Thomas Ford

Before reading this book, I had anticipated that it would be a serious and deeply meaningful story of recovery and self-discovery. At least, that is my hope for books that address serious topics such as suicide. 711 more words