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The Rad Readalong: "The Fault in Our Stars" Chapter Four

Finally we learn some stuff about the Van Houten book. I thought it would be some type of self-help book, because with a title like “An Imperial Affliction”, it sounds a lot like a Ted Talk. 479 more words


Cloud Atlas Readalong ANNOUNCEMENT!

Hello readers! April over at The Steadfast Reader and I were talking over our shared love of The Bone Clocks, by David Mitchell, and decided we should read  215 more words


The Rad Readalong: "The Fault in Our Stars" Chapter Three

Hazel Makes quick work of Augie’s gory book, sleeps in and is awakened by her mom who announces that it is Hazel’s 33rd half birthday. It is a bit strange, but I guess I get it. 314 more words


The Rad Readalong: "The Fault in Our Stars" Chapter Two

Augie apparently drives like my grandma. My grandma Ruthie comes from a very strict religious background where there was no drinking, dancing, playing cards or having fun. 551 more words


On Reading the Novel "Game of Thrones" by George R.R. Martin

“What do you think might have killed these men, Gared?” Ser Waymar asked casually.  He adjusted the drape of his long sable cloak.  “It was the cold,” Gared said with iron certainty. 

1,484 more words

The Rad Readalong: "The Fault in Our Stars" Chapter One.

Before all of the hype around The Fault in Our stars, I didn’t even know Green was an author. I enjoyed his YouTube series on world history and I knew he did some other YouTube videos with his brother, other than that I knew nothing about him. 658 more words


Green Gables Readalong: Anne of Avonlea by L.M. Montgomery

Okay, okay, I know it’s March 3rd and this post is three days overdue, but I’m hoping you’ll all be super kind and forgive me. I’m going to be really honest with all of you and share that I hit a major reading slump. 518 more words