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The Hobbit Readalong, Part 3 - Dissecting Gollum's Riddle Game

In The Tragedy of Arthur–Arthur Phillips’ brilliant novel about the finding, or forgery, of a supposedly lost Shakespearean play–Phillips boldly questions the genius of ol’ Billy Shakes. 1,666 more words


The Hobbit Readalong, Part 2 - Tra-la-la-ohmygodshutup

Wherein Bilbo and Gandalf meet the Dwarves and set off on their adventure. Bilbo discovers three trolls. Later, at Rivendell, Elrond studies the swords that the party collected from the troll cave, and tells Gandalf that they are ancient Elvish weapons, and also discovers Moon-letters written upon Gandalf’s map. 1,681 more words


The Hobbit Readalong, Part I - Tookishness is a Funny Word

Wherein Bilbo Baggins receives a visit from the wizard Gandalf and thirteen dwarves. After eating, they discuss the recovery of the treasure that the dragon Smaug took from Erebor, the dwarves’ home, and Bilbo is hired as their “burglar,” despite his protests. 1,536 more words


Join Me for a Hobbit & LOTR Readalong

In a post on a blog there lived a Hobbit readalong.
– Me

Nailed it.

On the list of books I’m shocked that I have not read, …

588 more words

Tome Topple Readathon: November 18th to December 1st

Later this week I’ll participate in my first readathon! It’s probably a tough one to start with because it’s all about those big books (>500 pages). 358 more words


Update roundup

I have a few events and readalongs and decided to round them all up into one place for your edification (because I’m just thoughtful like that): 404 more words

Book Reviews

The Home and the World

I am a little slow in finishing and posting since the readalong was in August, but better late than never! I would probably never have read… 829 more words