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Guest Post by Rabbi Dr. Stuart Dauermann | Back to the Future, and It *IS* a Shock!

Dr. Emmett Brown and Marty McFly of “Back to the Future” fame are currently recuperating at an undisclosed location from what they term “mega future shock.”  It seems that Brown and McFly, in their most recent adventure, visited a combined MJAA/UMJC Conference in New America city, Bernisopolis, “in the mid-distant future.” Brown said they were stunned to discover something for which no one could have been adequately prepared. 285 more words

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Reader Submission #122 - iRacing Tire Woes Continue

It’s impossible to publish one lone definitive review of the iRacing software, partially because the four major updates the game receives each year can turn it from a barely passable racing simulator riding on the coattails of NASCAR Racing 2003 Season into something extremely authentic – … 1,125 more words

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Reader Submission #120 - Ride 2 Impressions

Motorcycle games aren’t exactly our specialty here at PRC.net, due largely in part to Milestone’s monopoly on the genre, but if you guys send us any substantial info on them, we’ll sure as hell cover it. 1,195 more words

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Reader Submission #119 - Please Sign Up for Groove Music

The launch of the very first fully-featured Forza Motorsport title on Windows-based operating systems hasn’t exactly gone to plan. Widespread reports of massive stuttering issues and other technical gremlins have surprisingly lead to a situation where the best possible Forza experience can be found on vastly inferior hardware. 1,116 more words

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Reader Submission #118 - You'll Want to Avoid Forza Horizon 3

We now live in a particularly special kind of hell. Barack Obama is pushing for a one-world government, citizens are being told to censor alleged… 637 more words

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Reader Submission #117 - F1 2016 Has an Ugly Mole

It wasn’t all that long ago here on PRC.net that I posted a rather glowing semi-review of Formula One 2016. Now while Codemasters have traditionally shit the bed when it comes to their annual… 1,397 more words

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