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Reader Submission #41 - Plastic Toys for Pretend Race Car Drivers

Often, the price of upgrading your sim hardware can be expensive and overwhelming – once a sim racer progresses past the entry level Logitech wheels and expresses a desire for a much more consistent build quality, the market is flooded with over-priced peripherals, modifications and fanboys trying to persuade you into and endless brand war. 1,312 more words

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Reader Submission #40 - iRacing's Anti-Cheat Software

We haven’t covered this yet on PRC.net, but today we received a Reader Submission from Plush Labs wondering if we could talk about iRacing’s… 633 more words

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Your Shot

In the days when America was but a set of colonies, there was a British immigrant by the name of Benjamin Harris. During his day, distribution of the news relied on folks picking up the paper from a centralized location, who would then pass it onto their friends. 521 more words

Should I get a Phantom Standard, Advanced or Professional?

If you can’t have all three, then my friends at Drone Cyclone have shared a handy infographic to help make your decision easier.

Which one do you have? 21 more words

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Reader Submission #39 - Why haven't my Pit Crew become more detailed?

Drawing attention to a feature that’s been strangely absent in several different modern sims, today’s Reader Submission from Alessandro L. talks about the strange lack of detailed Pit Crews in racing sims – and how we previously had them in much older titles with much lower system requirements. 1,215 more words

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Reader Submission #38 - The Quick and Easy way to Start Racing Online

Once in a while, I’m reminded that PRC.net is read by many different types of sim racers, from the inexperienced, all the way to the elite – … 1,710 more words

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Reader Submission #37 - From the eyes of a Sim Team owner

Today’s Reader Submission comes from a very different perspective, as Walk Racing owner and my own virtual boss Mr. C. has written us a lengthy entry on his current thoughts regarding sim racing. 2,142 more words

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