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Reader Submission #130 - And So the Censorship Begins...

Though discussions of this story have remained primarily within private communities and message boards the average sim racer can’t access without an active iRacing subscription, the biggest online racing simulator currently in business has caused a bit of a stir as of late. 2,102 more words

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Guest Post by Joe Miterko | Vine of David Publishes New Emoji Talmud

Marshfield, MO  – First Fruits of Zion, a Messianic teaching ministry, decided to make a big announcement that was a long time coming….in fact eighteen years in the works! 448 more words

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Meeko ben Sasha

When we chose the name “The Messianic Meow,” we did not anticipate the number of ‘Jewish cats’ that people would send us. Perhaps we should start posting them. 6 more words


Guest Post by Yossi Wilson | World’s First Messianic Jewish Board Game in Development

Atlanta, GA – In an early morning press conference, a new company called MessyAntic Games announced that they are creating the world’s first Messianic Jewish board game, which they hope to release early next summer. 561 more words

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Guest Post by Nathanial Hackett | Harrison Ford Named as Key Note Speaker for Upcoming IAMCS Rabbi’s Conference

Orlando, FL – In light of the Star Wars craze, Rabbis everywhere are desperate to gain more knowledge or intimately know more about Stars Wars and Rogue One.  253 more words

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Guest Post by Joe Miterko | Joel Chernoff and Paul Wilbur Announce New Messianic Band That’ll Knock Your Shofars Off

Orlando, FL- The famed Joel Chernoff, who penned such classics as “Baruch Adonai,” “Jew and Gentile,” “The Sacrifice Lamb,” and many more, hit the Messianic Music Scene back in a huge way this past week. 262 more words

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Reader Submission #129 - A Corkscrew Too Far?

There have long been rumors swirling around about Kunos Simulazioni regarding their trigger-happy approach to scooping up unauthorized third party conversions and injecting them into Assetto Corsa without the public’s knowledge, but this has been something that’s been incredibly difficult to prove. 1,369 more words

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