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Francis Is Alive (-4-)

Bade has never been in a police interrogation room before, but even though they had sat him there for almost an hour, alone, he knew they were watching him somehow. 3,484 more words



Since I wrote about beginnings and endings, I should say a few words about the middle of a story, or “what else could go wrong?” A good beginning and a good ending are all well and good, but you also need something with substance in between. 408 more words

Writing Techniques

Giving your passwords the finger: a review of fingerprint scanners

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Leaving your fingerprint on security

I’ve always had a fascination with fingerprint readers. I have always liked the idea of using my fingerprint in order to access files, web sites, or my computer. 494 more words


Where Should we go? please don't make me fuck Taylor Swift to Get attention

Looking for direction and feedback.

We’re getting enough response to continue the blog. For now.

Can you tell me where to go? do you  like interviews? 95 more words


Good news: Help in spotting fake news coming soon

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

A regional group of news organisations in Asia will work together to help its reporters and readers identify fake news.

They plan to draw up a checklist which will help their staff as well as readers spot tell-tale signs of stories with dubious content. 970 more words

Current Affairs

Alex Pearl - Interview

Welcome Alex Pearl

Author of, among others, Sleeping with the Blackbirds.

(Links to where books may be found are at the end of this interview.) 869 more words


"Current Events Day"

When my kids were kids, I often assisted with homework, but I made a tactical error and told them I’d actually do any thing we determined to be “busy work.” (At the time, I still believed in the integrity of most educators.) My daughter had a couple of coach/ social studies teachers in high school who would set aside one day a week for “current events” which basically meant the students were to bring in a news story and read it to the class. 98 more words