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Why Do I Write? 📝💭

Why do I write?

That’s a question I ask myself a lot! I can never quite pin point why but if I had to answer I’d say because it’s liberating! 292 more words

How the War Against Amazon Hurts Authors and Readers

There has been so much in the news lately about several major publishers going to war with Amazon over their contract renewal negotiations. It’s sad because authors – and readers – are getting caught in the middle. 1,641 more words

Should I change the cover of one of my books?

The publication of my second novel ‘Forgiven’ in 2013 felt very stressful, or at least that’s how I remember it. I felt it was better than the first one ‘A Good Liar’ and had certainly been easier to write, taking a year rather than the previous tortuous four year process. 954 more words


My Blog: Time for a Change

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I was going to use the word revamp. But I am still too much of a baby in the WordPress world to claim access to that word. 302 more words


Game of Thrones Tonight!

Just a reminder – after tonight’s episode I’ll be doing a show wrap-up.  So many GOT fan bloggers out there.  Feel free to stop by, chew the fat, offer your latest conspiracy theory, debunk some of mine, and while you’re at it, toss in a plug for your blog. 19 more words


All About April Q19: Author Loyalty

Can your favorite author write a bad novel? Sure you may have trouble choosing which one of your favorite author’s books is the best, but can one of his or her works make you wonder why they are your favorite author at all? 10 more words