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No one knew the depression embossed on the pages of her works; signs of suicide in her verses; blood shed on her words; hidden messages in her scribbles; answers in between the lines; and anguish on crumpled papers she kept.

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You Infect Me

I miss you

Why did you have to go

Didn’t I do everything  you wanted me to do 

Didn’t I begged you to stay

In this cold room I lay in our bed full of memories smelling your cologne still fresh on this pillow soaked with tears… 57 more words


20 bookends every book lover should have

Every home library needs a couple of cool bookends to keep everything organized.  If you wanna go crazy, get one for each book series on your shelf.   463 more words

Book Lovers

Do Writers Need An Audience?

“If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound?” –George Berkeley

My mother, a self-taught and talented painter, watched as a budding artist’s skillful brush strokes effortlessly turned a white canvas into an astonishing beautiful seascape. 466 more words

I gave up 

I gave up because I thought it was right

It was the only way I didn’t feel stuck anymore

There was no point in trying… 71 more words



If we study science to some extent they say we will lose our faith and doubt the existence of God. So in pursuit of the excuse to finally escape the stress of religion; five times prayer a day, fasting, burden of courteousness and righteousness, abusing the original nature of the flesh by depriving it of its demands, etcetera I had immersed myself in science. 937 more words