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Something Wonderful

In “Precious Words,” a recent post, I shared the story of Earl Mills, who spent most of his life hiding his inability to read. In a huge act of will, over three years, he not only learned how to read, but also became a poet and published author. 144 more words

How to Teach Your Child to Read the Fun Way

How can you teach your child to read easily?  You want to keep it fun of course.  Follow these simple steps:

1. Use Phonics

Each letter of the alphabet has a sound.   281 more words

How Children Learn

10 ways to read more

We all want to read more. It’s what we love and we try to do it as much as possible. But, life and work get in the way. 548 more words

General Book Stuff

10 ways to annoy a bookworm

Bookworms are peaceful creatures. We’re happy with a good book and are no bother to anyone. Unless, that is, you do one or more of these things. 714 more words

General Book Stuff

Beginning Reading Games for Kids

As children begin learning their letters, they need lots of practice in order to be prepared for reading.  Fortunately, there are many beginning reading games for kids that can help them prepare for literacy.   476 more words

How Children Learn

Help Your Child Learn to Read with these Games

How can I help my child learn? This is the question many parents ask themselves.  The truth is, you’re already helping your child learn.  By being an example to watch, your child can learn much from you.   411 more words


How to Help Your Kids Succeed in Learning English

My 3-year old son spoke mostly Spanish until we went to visit his English speaking grandparents a few weeks ago.  Although I speak to him in English, he has always been much more comfortable speaking in Spanish.   476 more words

How Children Learn