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The last Discworld book

Just a couple of weeks ago one of the greatest authors to have ever lived passed away far far too soon, after battling a disease that must have been like the stuff of nightmares. 289 more words

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How big can a character get?

There are characters that stretch across the globe: Harry Potter, Mickey Mouse, Elsa but where are they? That might seem an odd question but think about it. 575 more words

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That was brilliant!

Just finished my talk at Our Lady’s RC Primary School, Stirling. All the kids were fantastic, loads of good questions and they seemed to really enjoy meeting Jack. 108 more words

Jack Reusen

OK fess up, are you reading children's fiction?

Rough number crunching gives us an odd statistic (though with the popularity of Harry Potter, Skulduggery Pleasant, etc. this is perhaps not surprising). Basically children (for argument’s sake let’s say those aged from 0-15) make up a little… 295 more words

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The Top Five Awesome Things About Libraries by Louise Clark

Starting with number five and moving to number one as my favourite awesome thing about libraries, here goes.

Number 5 – Diversity

Libraries don’t discriminate. Check out the collection of any library or library system. 742 more words


One week on

This time last week ‘Jack Reusen and the Fey Flame’ went live on kindle, since then I’ve sold a lot more copies than I expected to in Jack’s first week. 331 more words

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Is 'Middle Grade' fiction a saturated market?

Up until last night I had never heard of ‘MG fiction’ (or ‘Middle Grade fiction’) and no, apparently ‘middle grade’ fiction isn’t a way of describing so-so quality writing, instead it’s a way of describing your reader base. 623 more words

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