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Reading between the tea leaves

This one is straight out of the mouth of senior congressional correspondent Manu Raju on CNN’s Inside Politics, discussing who knew what about connections between Russia and the Trump campaign: 138 more words


Euphemisms in Dog Breed Descriptions

aloof = fearful

loyal = fearful

protective = fearful

one man dog = fearful

good guard dog = fearful

watchful = fearful

shyness = fearful… 572 more words

Not Suitable for Children! Reading Between the Lines of Dogger…

So it’s been a long time since I’ve done this, but I thought I’d do some more “reading between the lines” of one of my favourite childhood books… 235 more words


19. Mixed Messages

“And you overthink, always speak cryptically… I should know that you’re no good for me. ’cause you hot then you’re cold. You’re yes then you’re no. 471 more words


Henry I of England

Henry I of England is a production by Reading Between the Lines theatre company staged at St James’ Catholic Church in Reading, 2-19 November 2016. This Shakespearean play is both an entertaining history (and tragedy and comedy) from our past and a compelling critique of our present. 1,037 more words


Reading Between the Lines of Harry Potter – Part 3

Hermione Granger Is A Racist

Well hello again! As you may know, in my last two posts, I’ve been “reading between the lines” of Harry Potter- and if you don’t know what I’m talking about you can catch up with part 1 and part 2… 415 more words


Reading Between the Lines of Harry Potter – Part 2

Harry Potter Is the Real Villain and Voldemort Is Just an Innocent Bystander

Okay, so if you’re back for more, that clearly means you’ve read my last post and whole-heartedly agree that Ron Weasley is the Dark Lord. 389 more words