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I'm a narcissist, get me out of here

Hi, I’m Gemma…

takes a deep breath

…and I’m a narcissist.

It wasn’t that hard to say/write. It’s all still a bit of a novelty. Me? 2,011 more words



Wrong question.

Why not?

I’ve always been a bit of a late bloomer, so I figure, now that anyone and everyone is blogging it’s high time that I jump on this bandwagon. 514 more words


Rotinya Rotinya....

Tiga hari topiknya roti: roti surga, roti hidup. Mungkin butuh tiga hari supaya ngeh dengan roti. Mari andaikan Vardy seorang anak membawa roti berjalan-jalan di… 479 more words

Daily Reflection


Instead of your regular web-comic this week I decided to do something a little different. Everyone’s favorite orange presidential candidate, Donald Trump, wrote a little book back in around 1987 called, … 109 more words

1134 Comix

Pride, Prejudice and Opposites

Is is true that opposites attract?

I was inspired to write about opposites while watching the trailer for the Pride, Prejudice & Zombies movie. Loosely adapted from the Jane Austen’s novel, … 640 more words

Social Commentary

People don't want to be taught, people want to be inspired!

Dear reader,

our first chapter of Slovenian Professional Solution Focused Training is behind us. Two amazing days full of joy, newly discovered passion and constructing new knowledge together. 752 more words


I stood on the street corner with tears in the back of my throat.

I told you “Go dance,”

What I really meant was so much more. 24 more words