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Between the lines

When you come to God there is no such thing as reading between the lines. God tells you exactly what to do. He will give you exact instructions to what to do. 165 more words

No Chains

short break

Dog gets packed off to boarding kennels and the four of us pack into the mini. It was alright when Archie and I were tweens, with the comfort of family sized Doritos and fervent imaginations between us. 68 more words


Panggung Sandiwara

Mengapa takjub oleh istri presiden yang naik pesawat kelas ekonomi dan menantunya yang periksa kehamilan ke klinik biasa? Mengapa orang salut pada menteri yang makan di warteg? 444 more words

Daily Reflection

Reading Between The Lines #2

By the end of the
first page of a new book, I
fancy writing one.



"Reading Between The Lines" Church

This church in Belgium is rather cool, from an architectural point of view. Titled “Reading Between the Lines“, the church looks entirely different dependant on which angle you view it from. 75 more words


Lawsuit Claims Twitter Eavesdrops On Direct Messages

When you send a direct message on Twitter, you might imagine it zipping straight from your account to its intended recipient, arriving exactly how you wrote it, untouched and unchanged. 343 more words

I can't hide my true feelings

What I don’t speak in words I show with facial expressions haha!

I use my face to express a lot of my expressions and thoughts. This face showed up when one of my friend was talking about a person with questionable actions. 60 more words

Everyday Life