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Reading Between the Lines Is Not A Thing

*Warning: I’m talking about one of my biggest pet peeves- this may get ranty*

Hi all! So I’m gonna start by laying all my cards on the table. 559 more words


Njála - part one: Reading between the lines

Njal and I got off on the wrong foot.

I had asked his age, and he had said he was 51. A few hours later, he emailed again and confessed he wasn’t 52 (I noted the number change) as he had said he was previously but several years older. 434 more words


How Choosing a Race is like . . .

. . . Adopting a Rescue

If you read yesterday’s Weekly Wrapthen you’ll understand why this is so much on my mind.

I put a… 670 more words

Tuesdays On The Run

Ashantay Peters interviews Gabriela from READING BETWEEN THE LIVES

Thanks for stopping by Gabriella Tell us a little about  yourself.

Hi, my name is Gabriella, but most of my friends call me Gabby. All but my neighbor, Chastity, who has this thing about names being vibrations. 687 more words

The Wild Rose Press


It’s not the words you say

Rather the gaps in between

Those awkward moments

Left for me to fill in the blanks

With your hidden meanings… 26 more words

Creative Writing

I'm a narcissist, get me out of here

Hi, I’m Gemma…

takes a deep breath

…and I’m a narcissist.

It wasn’t that hard to say/write. It’s all still a bit of a novelty. Me? 2,011 more words