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Live Better & Longer by Michel Cymes.

This book was really good actually. I came across this one in January, when all the self-help books were displayed right by the main entrance in the book store, to entice and lure all of those who feel like changing their lives for a couple of weeks when the new year kicks in :P … (the majority of people out there forget about their new year’s resolution before January is even over :O ) 233 more words

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Book of the Week: everybody Lies - Seth Stephens-Davidowitz

It’s hard to escape the term “big data” these days and this book is one explanation why.

Everybody Lies looks at how data researchers are crunching the unimaginably large amounts of information people feed into the web in an effort to understand our true beliefs and behaviors. 389 more words


New Fiction: Since We Fell - Dennis Lehane

After focusing much of his attention in recent years on two books that constituted an epic American crime saga, Lehane is back to the cat-and-mouse psychological suspense that brings his fans out in droves. 430 more words


New Fiction: Sycamore - Bryn Chancellor

This very assured literary debut marries the uncovering of the decades-old secret behind a teenage girl’s disappearance with the effect that disappearance has on a small Arizona community. 336 more words


Biography Short Take: Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama - David Garrow

At over 1,400 pages and with a quarter million copy announced first print, this epic biography of Barack Obama’s early life and career is big in every way. 163 more words


New YA Fiction: Ramona Blue - Julie Murphy

Murphy’s debut Dumplin’ was one of last year’s break out books, debuting at #1 on the NYT bestseller list. After a success like that I always fret a bit about the possible “sophomore slump” No worries here. 320 more words

Books I enjoyed:

The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

This book was written in 1985, but I only just read it. And it gave me chills. 346 more words

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