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Monday Morning Musings: The Bad, Not-so-Bad, and the Good

The worst thing happened this past weekend. I ruined my phone. It was an accident I assure you, but, it went through the washing machine in the pocket of my jeans. 1,310 more words

Personal Reflections

#Raga and fifty shades of grey!!

One must not be blamed for hacked twitter account so what if the unique password was “sonam gupta bewafa hai!!” okay this was very difficult to guess but hackers didnt stop here itself they hacked official party account too!! 36 more words


Monday Morning Musings: After the Holiday

It was nice for my husband to have a four day weekend for the Thanksgiving Holiday. We didn’t do much for the holiday. Our family is not the traditional kind of family. 558 more words

Personal Reflections

Reread, Rewrite, Burn

So because I had so much fun doing the Kiss, Marry, Cliff book tag, I wanted to do this tag too. For this tag you choose which book you want to reread, which book you would like to rewrite and which book you would burn. 484 more words

Same pinch …..

Two strangers facing each other, our eyes meet, mine to that of the opposite person and the opposite person’s to mine. We exchanged smiles, mine been more wider as I felt so, maybe the opposite person’s smile was wider than mine, I am not sure. 387 more words

Reading in Kindergarten

Students are enjoying fiction and non-fiction books. They can tell you that fiction books are stories, and non-fiction are not stories. Non-fiction books have real, true facts. 10 more words


Gilmore Girls Book Tag!

In honor of the Gilmore Girls revival coming to Netflix on November 25th, I thought that I would do the Gilmore Girls book tag. I love Gilmore Girls and I love book tags so this is perfect for me. 453 more words