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How creative writing can promote critical thinking

The myriad of challenges facing us as a nation calls for critical thinking to respond appropriately.

Creative writing is one of the avenues of nurturing a people who are thinkers not mere reflectors of other men’s thoughts. 789 more words

Literary Discourse

ARC Review: "Night on Fire" by Ronald Kidd

“Night on Fire” by Ronald Kidd

Release Date: September 1st, 2015

Genre: YA, Children’s Fiction, Historical

Page Length: 288 pages (electronic review copy)


Thirteen-year-old Billie Sims is restless. 432 more words

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Off to see the Wizard

Just posted some of my thoughts on In the Basement of the Ivory Tower over at Goodreports. Throughout most of recorded history, individual cultures have had special, if not always sacred, texts. 301 more words

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Something New - Part 23

Austin didn’t realize what a shit storm had been stirred up by Irving being fired. Now, everyone wants a piece of him, but not in a fun way. 628 more words

Dellani Oakes

Teaser Tuesday - Frankenstein City of Night

My advice for reading this series is that you should have all three of them on hand so you can just pick up the next one when you’re done. 177 more words


Book Review: "Confessions" by Kanae Minato

“Confessions” by Kanae Minato (2014)

Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Thriller, Suspense

Page Length: 240 pages (paperback edition)


Her pupils killed her daughter. Now, she will have her revenge. 439 more words

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Day 1: Sleeping goals

In order to do something, it is vital that I set out a specific goals and make plans to fulfill them.

1/ What do I need? 476 more words

Say No To Staying Up Late