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Reading buddies and Most Sublime Kittehs

These two handsome gents are the newest addition to the Most Sublime household – former farm cats that had been bought and, within 8 hours, handed over to a rescue centre because they weren’t miraculously tame and child friendly. 264 more words


The 8 Best Things about Bookish Roommates

Living with your best friends is one of the greatest things about being an independent young adult! You get to be ridiculous together all the time. 964 more words


Second Graders Read to the Kindergarten Class

The English Classes have a long, long tradition of shared reading sessions. Reading with a peer or buddy is something all of our pupils enjoy. This week the English Class second graders read in English to the kindergarten class. 42 more words

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Halloween Activities at School

English Class pupils celebrated Halloween yesterday in several different ways. The fifth and sixth graders held a Halloween sale to fund their respective class trips. The rest of the classes, grades 1 – 4EN, together watched the films they had made during the Halloween movie project week. 110 more words

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Revival – Week Two Discussion

Hey everyone!! This is it!!! The final discussion for our Revival readalong! Thank you to everyone who joined in the fun!! Everything is open for discussion here, so if you haven’t finished the book yet COVER YOUR EYE HOLES!!! 166 more words

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Revival - Week One Discussion

Hey friends!!! Thanks so much for joining in our Revival readalong! How are you enjoying the book so far?! These questions are just a guideline…feel free to answer as many or as few as you’d like (it’s not a test!). 130 more words

The Grimdragons

Learning about Finland

English Class second and third graders have paired up for shared reading. They are reading the delightful book, Tatun ja Patun Suomi/This is Finland, written and illustrated by Aino Havukainen and Sami Toivonen. 111 more words

Education In Pori, Finland