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Winesburg, Ohio - by Sherwood Anderson

What an incredible book. I knew next to nothing about Winesburg, Ohio before I started reading it, but once I started I couldn’t put it down. 407 more words


Legs Eleven - Andy reviews his year's reading

Netty and I have been told a few times we should make our posts shorter. And for the most part we’ve ignored you, you rude fuckers. 658 more words

I play the drums in a band called okay - Andy gets his rocks off, honey

… or maybe not.

Toby Litt is exactly the sort of writer this blog is all about – highly regarded, with quite a lot of stuff out there, none of which Netty or I have gotten around to reading just yet. 519 more words

Reading Challenge 2011

Love Poems - Andy doesn't quite fall for the poetry of Dorothy Porter

I first encountered Dorothy Porter in the mid- to late-’90s, when my then best friend (who hasn’t spoken to me for longer than we knew each other in the first place, but then lesbians are like that sometimes) loaned me a copy of The Monkey’s Mask. 861 more words

Reading Challenge 2011

The Book of Illusions - Andy still doesn't know how to pronounce "Auster"

I like to think it’s Oster. But I guess it’s probably Ouster. Would prefer it to be the first, I have to say. Not sure why. 1,038 more words

Reading Challenge Summary for June 2011

Now that November is half way through, I think it’s high time I catch up on my monthly reading challenge summaries. The last one I did was in May. 862 more words


Collected Stories - Andy's out on the Moore

There’s a problem, or at least there can be, with collections like this – 600-plus pages of closely printed text, almost 40 stories by the same writer. 981 more words