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2015 Women Writers Reading Challenge-Book #10: The Blind Contessa's New Machine by Carey Wallace

This book should have been really depressing as it’s about a young, vibrant woman who goes blind. But it doesn’t feel that way, it feels more like a fairy tale (but it’s really based on the true story of the woman who inspired the first typewriter). 55 more words

Reading Challenge

5 Lessons From The Winter Reading Challenge 

I signed up for Megan‘s Winter Reading Challenge that ran from November to February. The challenge was to read 13 books. I read 10 that qualified – I actually read a few more books that had nothing to do with the challenge. 683 more words


2015 Reading Challenge Update: A BOOK BASED ENTIRELY ON ITS COVER (9/50)

Reading is my cheapest leisure and I am blessed to have plenty of time to do it during this past few days. So to update you guys on my 2015 Reading Challenge, here is my version of book entirely based on its cover. 205 more words

Bookish Thoughts And Challenges

2015 Reading Challenge

Today is World Book Day. Now, if you live in any country other than the United Kingdom, you could be forgiven for being a bit confused by this statement. 796 more words


Let's Make Fun of The Pilgrim's Progress (Again)

Making fun of the classics is a Thing that I do. Mostly I do it here, at The 100 Greatest Books Challenge. But sometimes my reviews get exported to other publications—in this case, Punchnel’s, who generously recycles my classic reviews in a monthly series. 36 more words


[MASTERPOST] 2015 Read Big Challenge

The last one that I’m going to share about my reading challenge is this : 2015 Read Big Challenge. The challenge was written in Indonesian, sadly. 92 more words


[MASTERPOST] 2015 New Author Reading Challenge

Another reading challenge! YESSSSS. That’s right.

Since most of the reading challenge can be overlapped with the others, I think I might be able joining this one as well. 173 more words