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Book Review: The Painted Dragon

Another week, another illness. Only another cold, but it left me with no energy to even think about blogging, and I have so many posts I want to write! 519 more words


Reading Habits Tag

When is the best time to read? Is that even a question? Well I have decided to do this tag and express my reading habits. This tag was created by TheBookJazz, I am going to run through the following questions: 872 more words

Reading challenge

Namaste folks!

This month the challenge was “One word title”. :D

This is Sovay by the british writer Celia Rees.

It’s England, 1783. When the rich and beautiful Sovay isn’t sitting for portraits, she’s donning a man’s cloak and robbing travelers—in broad daylight. 302 more words


Reading Challenge; Feb. 25, 2017

I’m behind on my entries about what I read so for this week, here are some articles from each category:

Child Development:

Antiquing: http://www.rufusfosheeantiques.com/articles/creamware.html… 9 more words

Reading Challenge

Bad challenge?

You may have seen some of my posts about my reading challenge – something I do every year. Normally it’s simply a number of books I would like to have read by the end of the year, or perhaps a list of top titles I’m keen to read over the following 12 months. 397 more words


Book Review: Stardust by Neil Gaiman

This was my first foray into fantasy, and it went amazingly well.

Centred around a young man, Tristan Thorn, who sets off to find a fallen star in faerie land after he promises his love that he will do anything to win her over, this beautifully written novel had me absolutely hooked around the third chapter when we find out that there are other more mysterious and sinister characters trying to get the fallen star for their own reasons. 278 more words

A month of poetry

How often do you read a poem? The answer for me is rarely these days. It’s one of the reasons I wanted to include some poetry in my reading challenge for the year, to make myself sit down and do it. 811 more words