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Sentence Mapping

For non-native students of English, analyzing the sentences in the verbal section of the SAT can be quite challenging.  To help with this, I suggest a process I call “sentence mapping”.   1,229 more words

Transmedia Storytelling in the Classroom: Best of (Part 3/3)

At this point in my series on transmedia storytelling, I’ll step down off my TRANSMEDIA IN THE CLASSROOM IS GREAT soapbox to share with you a few of my favorite transmedia series. 800 more words

Transmedia Storytelling in the Classroom: Applications (Part 2/3)

In my view, transmedia will soon be a powerful presence in the high school English classroom, and deservedly so. These modern retellings of classic texts are fun and imaginative, and students struggling to connect with, say, Victor Frankenstein on the page of Mary Shelley’s novel might better connect with modern-day medical student Victoria Frankenstein in her vlogs. 723 more words

Why not teach reading?

This has to be one of the most common questions asked to me. The answer is quite simple.

Research has shown that children who acquire reading skills at an early age did not have an added advantage in reading comprehension later in life. 370 more words


Reading Teacher Blitz: Update

Hey, Friends!

My last blog outlined how I used the ‘Fluency, Not Musical Chairs’ strategy with my reading intervention students to improve their reading ‘automatic vocabulary,’ accuracy, and retell for three intense days, then switched to a focused comprehension skill for three days, all explained in a previous blog post. 264 more words

Crafting Successful Learners

SAT Reading Tips

Today, I would like to once again talk about the reading section of the SAT.  As mentioned in a previous post, the new SAT has five passages* with a total of 52 questions on this part of the test.  962 more words