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Thanksgiving with BookBox

This is the season to be grateful, spend time with family and enjoy the cold weather (depending on where you are in the world). Here in India at BookBox, we are thankful for many things including, BookBoxers (that’s you!), our… 274 more words


Basic Reading Skills

Reading is a very complex task that involves five skills being executed all at once, phew! This post will identify the five reading skills as well as provide an explaination of each. 337 more words


Mischievious Monkeys

Everyday at 12:45 pm, I read stories with Class-4 at ABS and lead them through various games designed to boost English comprehension and vocabulary.

As soon as I was visible through the barred windows, the kids burst into excitement. 605 more words


Meaningful Questions, Meaningful Discussions

So I use “Fishbowl Discussions” in my English classes.

They are whole-class discussions in which an inner circle of students talks about questions related to a certain topic, and the outer circle observes, takes notes, and–in my version– can raise their hands to ask questions of people in the inner circle. 455 more words


Reading Aloud to students is the Swiss Army Knife of Effective Literacy?

In his book, In Defense of Read-Aloud, Dr. Steven Layne quotes another professor, Brian Cambourne, who, in a position statement, explores the notion that reading aloud to students is the “Swiss Army Knife of Effective Reading and Writing Pedagogy”. 357 more words