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News of the week: les nouvelles de la semaine du 31 Août

Manuel Valls en déplacement à Calais

Manuels Valls est en visite à Calais ce lundi 31 août. Sur le dossier des migrants, le gouvernement a décidé d’occuper le terrain. 516 more words

Reading & Comprehension

Reading Logs

Ah, the dreaded question…how do we keep students accountable for independent reading? Do we record number of pages read, amount of time spent reading, types of genres explored? 344 more words


On Stumbling While Reading

Sometimes your reading runs aground. You read and read, moving on smoothly, even if not effortlessly, taking in the written word, perhaps admiring the art and craft on display, perhaps envying a competence and creativity beyond your own, and then, abruptly,  jarringly, there is no more purchase, no swell to lift the boat. 451 more words


Four Ed Tech Companies in Seattle Worth Noting

At the Ed Tech Meetup I wrote about previously, several start-up companies presented their products to a “Shark Tank panel” of local Seattle educators for feedback and comments. 475 more words


First day of school in Germany, take 2

Starting our year of homeschooling today was like a kick-off meeting for a big project: give them a little information, get them engaged, show them a plan, have them leave the room excited. 809 more words


Teaching Your Child to Read

One of the most effective teaching methods for children is to use materials that the child has a natural interest in. Teaching reading to your child is no exception. 288 more words


The Next Time You Read Something, Consider This

In my last semester of undergrad at Michigan State, I decided to take an advanced grammar class with my favorite professor, Kate. I was majoring in professional writing with a concentration in editing and publishing, so I figured the course would be invaluable to my credibility as a future writer and editor. 495 more words