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Can Speed Reading Be Learned By Younger Those?

Memory (sometimes called Concentration) is a traditional game loved by a lot of – kids and adults alike. Have you ever thought about making use of it to help teach kids how read through? 473 more words


Things to Do Before, After & During Reading

  • PantomimeAct out a scene you choose or the class calls out to you while up there.
  • Dramatic monologueCreate a monologue for a character in a scene.
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Reading & Comprehension

Reasons Why An Internet Adult Dyslexia Test May Well You

Regardless of what methodology you normally use for your homeschool, unit studies can provide you with a nice break from the norm sometimes. They are particularly nice whenever you’re trying to teach your children to consider a little another recommendation of how the different parts of life actually fit together, and so they can also a person a break whenever you’re faced with the doldrums. 522 more words


议论文阅读理解答题技巧 Tips for Argumentative Essay Reading Comprehension (转载)

1、论点(证明什么) 论点应该是作者看法的完整表述,在形式上是个完整的简洁明确的句子。从全文看,它必能统摄全文。表述形式往往是个表示肯定或否定的判断句,是明确的表态性的句子。  A.把握文章的论点。 中心论点只有一个(统帅分论点) ⑴明确: 分论点可有N个(补充和证明中心论点)  ⑵方法 ①从位置上找:如标题、开篇、中间、结尾。②分析文章的论据。(可用于检验预想的论点是否恰当) ③摘录法(只有分论点,而无中心论点)  B.分析论点是怎样提出的:①摆事实讲道理后归结论点; ②开门见山,提出中心论点;③针对生活中存在的现象,提出论题,通过分析论述,归结出中心论点; ④叙述作者的一段经历湖,归结出中心论点; ⑤作者从故事中提出问题,然后一步步分析推论,最后得出结论,提出中心论点。

2、论据(用什么证明) ⑴论据的类型:①事实论据(举例后要总结,概述论据要紧扣论点);②道理论据(引用名言要分析)。  ⑵论据要真实、可靠,典型(学科、国别、古今等)。 ⑶次序安排(照应论点);⑷判断论据能否证明论点; ⑸补充论据(要能证明论点)。

3、论证(怎样证明)   ⑴论证方法 (须为四个字) ①举例论证(例证法) 事实论据记叙 ②道理论证(引证法和说理)道理论据  42 more words

E-books vs. Books

Once upon a time, I had terrible reading comprehension but loved reading anyway. This disparity between ability and desire was most apparent when I was entered high school. 620 more words


How to read textbooks so that you will never have to read them ever again…

Retention of the stuff I’ve read is a challenge I have been facing since the day I started reading textbooks as a school kid. Turns out I’ve been doing it wrong all along. 490 more words


Back to Basics: How to Read a Poem

In January I started a series called “Back to Basics” where I broke down some common reading issues we all face. The series started with a post on… 1,338 more words

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