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Reading Comprehension

One of the most important things that a college student needs is to have good reading comprehension skills. These skills will be useful throughout college and life in general. 54 more words


Words, words, words

So far, I have had 3 sessions with my new student Marisa (who I introduced here).  Although there are some decoding issues, the far bigger issue has been with vocabulary.  1,265 more words

Special Education

Meet Marisa!

The new adult student I just began with, I will call Marisa. Marisa has a biology degree from a small, well-ranked university, and has recently taken the MCAT for the first time. 304 more words

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I'm back!

It’s been a long time since I’ve written. In the meantime, I’ve started a PhD program and am still working with students of all ages. I have recently begun working with a new adult learner on reading comprehension (more specifically, the verbal section of the MCAT, which stands for the Medical School Admissions Test). 45 more words

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Ten Little Ladybugs Lesson Plan

I love activities that are no mess and easy to do with the added bonus of being available anytime and anywhere.

That’s why I created a lesson based on the book, “Ten Little Ladybugs” which requires no paper, pens, or crayons… just the book, your child or children and most importantly, YOU! 719 more words


Interactive Story: The Sad Giant

Each month Mother Goose Time includes a short story with participation pieces. These stories always have a great moral or lesson about being a good person and feelings. 221 more words


Free and Fun Spelling Website

Are you looking for a FREE, quality spelling website that is completely hands-off for Mom and Dad for your spelling curriculum?

My kids have thoroughly enjoyed Gradespelling.com.

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