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Reading comprehension: Silent reading

I just finished my form 1 class. They seemed to be excellent and intermediate students. Most of them can answer and respond to my questions pretty well. 250 more words

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Teaching “and” and “but”

Learning new vocabulary words in elementary school is important for reading comprehension.  But vocabulary instruction needs to include a deeper understanding of words students use all the time, words they haven’t paid much attention to, such as the conjunctions “and” and “but.” 542 more words

Methods Of Teaching Reading

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Acquiring a second language needs large numbers of reading, but reading along isn’t
effective enough! The auxiliary audio material builds you a connection between pronunciation and characters to strengthen your understanding for the language. 520 more words


8.Human Rights:Summary

“It is the period of great awakening for the human society. Particularly the twentieth century stands testimony to so many changes in the world in the field of science and technology and a series of social, cultural revolutions. 718 more words

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