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Wanna Hide Something From a Kenyan? Hide it in a Book!

By now, we’ve all heard that Kenya’s reading culture is lacking. The debate on the reasons why we don’t read has been going on in restaurant corners, literary cocktails, events and the like. 346 more words


Albania :The (lack of) reading culture - by Kamila Hasanbega

Reading is an essential element in education and life itself. However, in today’s globalized technological world we don’t see many readers. What role should the youth of Albania play in raising awareness of such a valuable habit among the nation. 1,185 more words

Australia: Lessons for Africa (Part 1)

Australia as a country has numerous lessons for African countries. Australia although might enjoy the status of having more cities in the top 10 of the most liveable cities in the world, and it might also hold the status of being a country with the fourth highest life expectancy in the world, however in its lessons for African countries none of those things are included. 459 more words


Arivu - A parable about an endangered culture

Once upon a time in the present day there lived a Retriever named Arivu. Arivu was a smart mongrel that was owned by a wealthy human who sheltered him in a plush kennel.  411 more words


Humility in reading

I love this quote from The Pleasures of Reading in an Age of Distraction:

Don’t waste time and mental energy in comparing yourself to others, whether to your shame or gratification, since we are all wayfarers.

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Reading as 'the encounter with other minds'

I am still reading The Pleasures of Reading in an Age of Distraction, and found that this part describes well what I have been thinking about lately: 312 more words


Reading to connect, not to accumulate

Henry James’ novels often portray Americans trying to somehow acquire ‘culture’ from Europe, by a list of things to do – various places to visit, listed in Baedeker books – as if culture could be accumulated like wealth. 635 more words