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Why you must cultivate a reading culture!

Success is not just about innate ability. It is combined with a number of key factors such as opportunity, meaningful hard work and your cultural legacy. 994 more words

Reflections Of A God Chaser!

Life cycle of a bookworm

I am 7 years old and at night I pull my net down and around my bed. My parents are very strict about this, malaria is real. 2,270 more words


I have never being a fan of “how-to” books; Like seriously, who writes a book to help you ‘read more’ in almost 200 pages. That’s like pushing your luck. 792 more words

Book Review

The "Culture" in a Reading Culture

A reading culture is quite simply the creation of an environment that pushes for opportunities to read. It tends to be common sense in education (at least on paper) that developing a reading culture at home, in the classroom, in our libraries, is essential to life. 611 more words


2016 Pitch a Dream Media Milestones

Over the years we have had the opportunity to have our work featured on various global and local platforms and we just thought it would be a cool idea to consolidate these features for easier access of those interested in learning more about us. 522 more words

The Beauty called Book Nooks 

Imagine having that one place or space in your home where you get to not just artfully arrange your books but, be whoever you want to be based on the book of the day or the character you are currently in love with. 535 more words


Let's read more

What was the last book you read? It’s a question I often ask the young people I teach life skills. Sadly, I’m often dismayed to hear most of them have not read anything beyond the required textbooks in school or if they have taken Literature in English classes, the recommended texts for that year’s exam. 581 more words

Life Skills