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Reading Response: The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus

The Internet puts us in contact with things we normally wouldn’t encounter–like the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus, for example. After perusing the website for the campaign to Save the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus… 63 more words

Reading Guide

Reading Guides Series

Hey everyone! As an English Ed major, I do A LOT of reading. I thought it would be useful for the public and future me to post Reading Guides about the pieces of literature I read over the course of my degree. 73 more words


The Yellow Wallpaper Reading Guide

Background Info: Charlotte Perkins Gilman was a highly feminist author during the late 1800s to the early 1900s. The Yellow Wallpaper was based loosely off of Gilman’s own experience. 180 more words


Chapter 4 Reading Guide

O’Hair & Wiemann Chapter 4

As always, these questions are to both guide your reading, but also to help you prepare for in-class discussions. It will help you to take notes or mark your text as you continue forward. 219 more words


Reading Response: Lamott's "SFDs"

For this reading response, please respond to the orange question and then one or more of the numbered questions:

Describe your writing process. When faced with a larger writing project, what’s your typical gameplan? 157 more words

Reading Guide

Reading Response: DFW's "This Is Water"

After reading David Foster Wallace’s “This is Water,”  respond by writing about 300 words to any question(s) which pique(s) your interest.

1.What genre is DFW writing in and how does he play with the conventions of that genre? 85 more words

Reading Guide

Reading Guide for week 1

A reminder to my students in Interpersonal Communication: Chapter 1 from The Essential Guide to Interpersonal Communication, by O’Hair and Wiemann, will be the focus of discussion this Thursday (January 14); to help you along, I have some questions that may help you focus your reading and benefit our class discussion. 119 more words

Chapter 1