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Year of Glad: Pages 3-17

Infinite Jest takes its title from Act V, Scene I of Hamlet, in which Hamlet and Horatio stumble upon a gravedigger digging what is to be Ophelia’s grave. 2,089 more words


Back to School with the Berenstain Bears

With just a few weeks of summer left, back-to-school season is almost here! Whether your cubs are starting a new grade or attending school for the very first time, the Bear family has stories to help get them through all the troubles, triumphs, and new experiences they may face this year. 74 more words

Berenstain Bears

How to avoid spoilers: a guide by a spoiler hating bookworm

Hello there!

I thought I’d dedicate this post to my love of reading and one of the pains I get from taking part in it…spoilers. Now, if you’re a spoiler hater like myself you have come to the right place! 662 more words


"Everyone Needs Jesus: A Study of the Book of Luke"

Here is a reading guide for our July 2015 series on the Book of Luke. He presents the Son of God as the Savior of anyone who will become His disciple – no matter their age, religion, problems or nationality.


"Reading" Response: The Color of Money

Your “reading” for Wednesday is an example of new media journalism. New media journalism is a subset of digital journalism, which disseminates information via the internet rather than via print or broadcast. 262 more words

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Reading Response: Lynch & Horton's Web Style Guide Chapter 4

1) How is navigating a web site similar to finding your way around a real, physical, geographical place–like a city? How is it different?

2) Consequently, what are some best practices for aiding users in navigating through your web site? What are some no-no’s?

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