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Reading Response: Shanker, Atom, and Biemiller on Food Choices

The three voices in this conversation address healthy food and the choices we must constantly make in order to procure it. Two August 2015 essays— 354 more words

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Reading Response: Why Academics' Writing Stinks

1) What’s the popular explanation outside universities for why academics suck at writing? What’s the popular answer within universities? In Pinker’s opinion, however, what are the two major contributors to the poor quality of academics’ writing? 46 more words

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Of Comic Cons and Solar Sails

I spent last weekend at Las Cruces Comic Con. Las Cruces is a relatively small town with a modest-sized convention center, so this was a much smaller event than say Phoenix Comicon, Emerald City Comicon, or the granddaddy of the them all: San Diego Comicon. 526 more words


Reading Response: "Plagiarism: A Misplaced Emphasis?"

1) What have you previously learned about plagiarism? What is it? Why is it bad? How should you avoid it?

2) What are the five types of “normal” plagiarism that Martin describes? 42 more words

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Reading Response: The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus

The Internet puts us in contact with things we normally wouldn’t come in contact with–like the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus. After perusing the website for the campaign to Save the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus… 65 more words

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Reading Response: Driscoll's "Introduction to Primary Research"

1) What’s the difference between primary and secondary research? What are the three main methods of primary research? Have conducted research via any of these methods previously? 66 more words

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Reading Response: Lamott's "SFDs"

Write your responses on your new blog.

1) Have you ever been told before that it’s okay to write poorly? In her advice, Lamott gives you as a writer permission to write badly in order to write well. 60 more words

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