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Reading Response: Lynch & Horton's Web Style Guide Chapter 4

1) How is navigating a web site similar to finding your way around a real, physical, geographical place–like a city? How is it different?

2) Consequently, what are some best practices for aiding users in navigating through your web site? What are some no-no’s?

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Reading Response: Lynch & Horton's Web Style Guide chapters 7 & 9

Be careful with this reading as there are multiple pages to each chapter. You have to "turn to" each "page" by clicking on its link in the "Chapter Contents" box in the top-right corner. 150 more words
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Reading Response: Dennis Baron's "From Pencils to Pixels"

This article traces a number of developments in writing technologies, shows how they parallel each other, and suggests that when we forgot a writing technology ( 174 more words

The Daniel Fast: Learning to follow Jesus instead of asking him to follow me Part 1

I read a bible plan and the author asked himself the question; “Am I following Jesus, or am I asking Jesus to follow me?” This question hit me really hard. 1,056 more words


Reading Response: The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus

The Internet puts us in contact with things we normally wouldn’t come in contact with–like the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus. After perusing the website for the campaign to Save the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus… 59 more words

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Reading Response: Discourse Community Research Reports

The three assigned readings for today are all examples of discourse community research reports. One is by an undergraduate student, one by a graduate student, and one by a professor. 232 more words

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A teacher’s guide to Barbro Lindgren’s Hemligt (Secret) trilogy is launched today

Today the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award publish a teacher’s guide to Barbro Lindgren’s books Jättehemligt (Super Secret, 1971), Världshemligt (Top Secret, 1972) and Bladen brinner…
308 more words

Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award