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Reading Response: Why Academics' Writing Stinks

1) What’s the popular explanation outside universities for why academics suck at writing? What’s the popular answer within universities? In Pinker’s opinion, however, what are the two major contributors to the poor quality of academics’ writing? 46 more words

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24 Books You Should Read, Based On Your Favorite TV Shows

Hey TV lovers! Looking for a change of pace? A way to strengthen the brain, empower the imagination, settle the chaos of life? Read a book! 40 more words


Reading Response: Dirk's "Navigating Genres"

1) Before having read Dirk’s essay, how would you have defined “genre” and what examples of “genre” could you offer? Did you ever think of genre as something useful? 49 more words

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Reading Response: Alexie and Tan

1) Who/what served as sponsors of literacy in Alexie’s upbringing?

2) In what ways is Alexie a superhero? Is literacy a superpower? (Compare with Malcolm X.) 84 more words

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Reading Response: Brandt and Malcolm X

1) What are “sponsors of literacy”? Try to explain them in your own words.

2) Raymond Branch and Dora Lopez grew up in the same town. 101 more words

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Reading Response: Lamott & Sommers

Write your responses on your new blog.

1) Have you ever been told before that it’s okay to write poorly? In her advice, Lamott gives you as a writer permission to write badly in order to write well. 114 more words

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Reading Response: Grant-Davie's "Rhetorical Situations and Their Constituents"

Write your responses to these questions on your new blog after we set them up Tuesday (1/20) in lab.

1) Rhetoric is one of those big, confusing abstract words–like freedom, happiness, and love–for which, if you asked 100 people what it means, you might get 100 different defintions. 60 more words

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