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Relationship Cure Chapter 5 Guide

Use the following reading guide to help you better make sense of the material and prepare for your next class discussion.

  1. Develop a cohesive argument (at least 3 reasons) that explains why it is important to study our emotional heritage, even if it might be painful to do.
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Reading Response: "Some People"

Consider the relationship between the verbal and the visual elements in this short graphic story by Luke Pearson.

If all we had was the verbal (i.e. 39 more words

Reading Guide

Relationship Cure, Chapter 4 guide

As we approach the halfway mark of this textbook, remember that these guides are meant to not only spark discussion within the class, but also to help you get deeper knowledge about your own relationship experiences. 181 more words


Relationship Cure, Chapter 3 Guide

This chapter is fairly straight-forward, which is why I have coupled it with chapter 4 for classroom discussion. Please be aware, though, that it may be deceptively simple… you still need to read and understand the components of the chapter. 190 more words


Reading Response: Food, Inc.

I chose Food, Inc. as a “text” to “read” while we consider persuasion for a number of reasons, including:

  • The documentary’s focus on food ethics is a continuation of issues we’ve already encountered in other readings.
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Relationship Cure Reading Guide, Chapter 2

  1. In order to get an understanding of how Gottman’s work developed over time, you need to examine the researchers that influenced him. With this in mind, look up information on Sidney Jourard, whose research Gottman initially followed to determine how self-disclosure was the root of successful marriages.
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Relationship Cure Reading Guide, Chapter 1

  1. Look up the term nonverbal immediacy using an online search engine, and finding a credible website. Once you find a reasonable definition, tie the concept of nonverbal immediacy to the scenarios provided on pages 1-3 of the text.
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