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Day 32: The One with the Who Can Vote? Reading Guide

We’re still building schema about what it means to vote in the United States. So many of our kiddos come from countries where voting is mandatory that the idea that people can’t vote or choose not to vote can be tricky. 61 more words


Reading Response: Dirk's "Navigating Genres"

1) Before having read Dirk’s essay, how would you have defined “genre” and what examples of “genre” could you offer? Did you ever think of genre as something useful? 49 more words

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Reading Response: "The Future of Food Production" and "What's Eating America"

  1. In what ways do these authors create an ethos of reliability in their reporting?
  2. What genre features of reports do you see at work in these essays?
  3. 73 more words

Reading Response: "Plagiarism: A Misplaced Emphasis?"

Besides 1 and 5, the questions below are basic comprehension questions. I think you can answer nearly all of them in 300 words total.

1) What have you previously learned about plagiarism? 65 more words

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Day 19: The One with the Windows

I keep forgetting (or just denying) that Afternoon Me is the Worst Me (as the cool kids say).

We did a reading guide, which went slowly in some classes, just right in some classes/groups, and was a struggle in others. 117 more words


BBC: Fall Reading Guide.

I have always wanted to read certain types of books during particular times of the year, and I’m sure to some degree, we all do it without realizing it: reading light, marshmellow books in the summer, and heaver, darker books in the winter. 3,731 more words

Holly A. Phillips

Reading Response: The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus

The Internet puts us in contact with things we normally wouldn’t encounter–like the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus, for example. After perusing the website for the campaign to Save the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus… 60 more words

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