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#ReignMitchell Sharing (Nervousness continues)

(Chapter 1 cont.)

“Sandy, could you take me to the hotel please?” he asked of his usual weekday driver. He sped dialed his assistant. When she answered after the first ring, he smiled and put in his request. 716 more words

Reign Mitchell

#ReignMitchell Sharing again (Biting Fingernails)

As I put the words to the page, I continue to shift in my seat. Sharing your work with the world is one of the hardest things in the world. 1,014 more words

Reign Mitchell

More Books This Year

It’s only been January but the pile of new books keeps getting taller and the list longer. My apologies for my absence lately as I have been on an adventure to Wonderland :P The trip to discovering new bookstores that are local has been a wonderful and exciting adventure so far. 41 more words


Membaca & Menulis ala Penulis

Jadi lagi-lagi ini adalah postingan yang kepending karena saya malasnya minta ampun. Padahal nulis tinggal nulis aja lho yaa. Kok susah. Susaaaaaaah…melawan malas :p

Padahal salah satu niat mulia saya tahun ini adalah menjelma jadi avid reader + avid writer. 467 more words

#ReignMitchell A Love of Reading by Reign Mitchell

I have always enjoyed reading and can’t believe I’m venturing out into this journey to be a published author. My love of reading leads me to learning as much as I can about the authors that are some of my favorites. 317 more words

Reign Mitchell

#ReignMitchell First Share (Nervousness ensues)

Chapter 1: Issuance of Nuance


The world is full of dodged bullets, roads untaken, final regrets, lost causes, and chance encounters. There is a lot that happens in the lives of people that they have no control over. 1,114 more words

Reign Mitchell

Christmas Is Fast Approaching

And so is the New Year! =]

How many books have you read this year so far? I am very close to achieving my goal of 70 books this year. 142 more words