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2017 Reading List

While I did not finish my¬†whole list in 2017, I did read a lot. In addition to all the reading necessary to finish my Master’s degree, I also read several books that were timely based on what was going on at work, home or in the little church I pastor. 1,364 more words

Book Review

Reading List: Civil Rights in America

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, this list of books highlights the Civil Rights movement in America.

The Struggle in Black and Brown… 249 more words

Reading List

Weekend Reading

In winter, I relish the extra time in my days to catch up on reading. I can always manage to squeeze some time in the morning over coffee or right before bed to read a few things, but in the height of long summer days I have less time for reading among other tasks. 890 more words


2017 Reading List: vol. 1

Happy Steeler Sunday, friends! It’s the middle of a long weekend and I have been thoroughly enjoying it, doing what I love most –¬†working out, reading, sipping wine, and hanging out with my hubby and my greyhound. 684 more words


January 15, 2017

A small boat navigates through a treacherous river in the middle of the jungle, searching for a sawmill which may or may not exist. Its few passengers are seemingly ready for death. 341 more words


I liked how we were different, but the same.

This book is one of the best books I have read. The story is strong, words simple, sentences readable & relatable.

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2017 Biannual Bibliothon

I took part in a readathon last year as a way to increase my book consumption and as a fun way to engage with people about books. 1,463 more words