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One hundred books to read. #81: A Passage to India

This book illustrates the difficulties of empire – it is all very well to conquer and colonise somewhere, but what happens afterwards?  How do you manage the people over whom you now have sovereignty? 595 more words

One Hundred Books To Read

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Another treasures found! Yay~  \(*v*)/

My cute and yandere girlfriend Yay~ a yandere novel~~ hehehe

God Rank Hero (神级英雄) its a gaming novel~ looks promising! 38 more words

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Value of a Good Book...

So it’s 1am right now and I cannot sleep. So I decided to read a chapter out of TCP/IP Illustrated Volume 1 (2nd edition). 187 more words


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Post Structuralism - A very Short Introduction - Catherine Belsey

This little book might be short but it most certainly hasn’t been the easiest of reads.

Alongside the course material and OCA lectures, I have managed to pull enough from it to understand the basic concepts surrounding authorship and who the main players are in the philosophical history  (such as Derrida, Saussare and Barthes) are in structuralist and poststructuralism concepts. 37 more words

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Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag

Ok, so it’s not exactly mid-year, but who cares? It’s close enough! This year has gone by so fast already! I’ve had three road trips, three vacations, kiddo started school again, I’ve gotten straight A’s. 375 more words


How To Read A Photograph - Ian Jeffrey.

This book takes the reader through many iconic images providing background information to them (context).

However interesting the context was, there was little reference to semiotics and that was a bit of a shame. 47 more words

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