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Academic Writing & Referencing Guidelines

Planning my “academic writing sample” (=The Very First Task!!)

….so better to start with the guidelines:

  1. Academic Writing
  2. Referencing Guidelinesv2

Ps. I’ve used exactly same Calvin&Hobbes (= Lassi&Leevi) strip when I was teaching ArtEdSeminar in Aalto Uni!

Module 4

虚像のはざまに  [AA][R-18]

すけべシーンもあるので背後に気をつけてください。 20 more words


AA S4 ep14 【AA感想】



このままでも埒が明かないので、ひとまず、ストーリーの流れをスクショと共に追いながらひたすら萌えとツッコミを吐き出す感じの感想をしたためました……。テンション高いし長いから暇な人だけ読んでね! 47 more words


What is the "No Asshole Rule"?

by Rafizah Amran

One of the books that made an impression on me was “The No Asshole Rule” by Robert Sutton. I read this in 2007 after I chanced upon a particular study that shows people behave differently when they think that they are in charge, sort of a reverse Milgram experiment. 257 more words

The No Asshole Rule

The Leavers - Lisa Ko

One day, Deming Guo’s mother doesn’t come home. Did she go to Florida, as she said she’d hoped to? Did she find a new boyfriend and marry him? 309 more words

Reading Materials

The Girls - Emma Cline

Lyrical and deadly, much like its historical inspiration, The Girls unfolds from the memories of a former member of a Manson Family-like cult, Evie. She starts to reminisce about her wayward summer when sharing a beach house with two teenagers who are (understandably) fascinated by her past. 305 more words

Reading Materials

Out - Natsuo Kirino

This one is not for the faint of heart. The novel introduces a constellation of characters at the start, and it is difficult to see how they are all going to fit together. 194 more words

Reading Materials