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Franco Moretti‘s and Dominique Pestre’s “Bankspeak”

“Bankspeak,” an interesting piece by Franco Moretti and Dominique Pestre in New Left Review. The most interesting stuff comes at the end: twenty-first century World Bank Reports rely more heavily on progressive tenses and gerunds, as opposed to past tenses referring to specific actions, producing an “amorphous temporality” (99). 323 more words

Franco Moretti

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle reading notes

I was recommended this book on a forum, and after some brief research, I purchased it to read during some down time.

There are a number of red flags that caught my note from the beginning, which unfortunately seem typical in comparison to other new-age guru type books I have read. 927 more words


Reading Notes. {From MAX WEBER: Essays in Sociology}. Introduction II. Political Concerns

“Max Weber was a political man and a political intellectual.” Germany, however, was in an unfavourable situation. The National Liberals, imperialists, Pan-Germanists, Anglophobes wanted to pride themselves with fleets, and they won the Junkers’ cooperation, though the latter remained provincial and cared little about overseas empire. 482 more words

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Reading Notes. {From MAX WEBER: Essays in Sociology}. Introduction I. A Biographical View

The Introduction of this book is written by the two translators Gerth and Mills. Since both are eminent researchers of Max Weber, this part it definitely worth reading. 1,336 more words

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Reading Notes. {From MAX WEBER: Essays in Sociology}. Preface

Recently I’ve been reading a Max Weber reader translated into English by two American sociologists: H. H. Gerth and C. Wright Mills. This is perhaps the most renowned selection of Weber’s works. 421 more words

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Reading Notes I

Radstone, S. (2010) ‘Cinema and Memory’ in Radstone, S. and Schwarz, B. (eds) Memory: Histories, Theories, Debates. New York: Fordham University Press, pp. 325-342

– longstanding and intimate relationship between cinema and memory (flashback, fades, etc) 336 more words

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Paper Reading Notes: An efficient reconciliation algorithm for social networks (VLDB 2014)

I have a Facebook account, a Twitter Account, a LinkedIn account, an Instagram account, two Google+ accounts, and maybe more than a hundred more. I think it’s quite typical today. 440 more words

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