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My Justice League: Attack of the Queen Bee!

One of the lesser-known characters that I recall from the 1960’s was a super villain known as “Zazzala, the Queen Bee”. What I recall is that her story was just quirky enough that the name of the character stuck with me and that is all that I recall. 629 more words

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My Justice League: Crisis on Earth-one

My Justice League: Crisis on Earth-one – In the introduction of volume 1 of the six-volume collections of the JLA/JSA crisis crossovers we learn the history and background that led up to the idea of having super-heroes living in separate dimensions to somehow come together to combine their superhuman capabilities to fight villains who are threatening not one but multiple worlds and civilizations. 665 more words

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My Justice League: Back to Basics

I have not yet seen the recently released movie Justice League and frankly, I am not looking forward to seeing it. I do not like live-action movies based on comic book superheroes. 918 more words

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Further Blessings from the Son (Ephesisans 1:9-12)

If you’ve been reading my whole series on Ephesians, and have a keen eye, you would have noticed that I have skipped verse 8.  There is no prejudice in this; I am not against the verse.  1,011 more words


December Bible Reading Plan

This Advent we look to the Wise Men to teach us where to focus our attention. We set our sights on things above, where God is.

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Reading Plan for Psalms 119 Week 7

One of the surest ways to know if you heard God right is to do what He said and then experience wave after wave attack from our enemy. 106 more words

Reading Plan For Psalm 119 Week 6


Ayin is said to be the eyes connected to the optic nerve. It represents our will to choose between the evil and good in this world. 70 more words

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