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Tips for developing a daily Bible reading plan

I did a survey of people who say that they spend time reading in the Bible everyday. I asked “For people who read the Bible everyday, curious if it’s ever a challenge?” 782 more words


Bible Reading Plan - March 19-25

Bible Project Reading Plan (March 19-25):
1 Samuel 1-24, Psalm 78-84

Samuel is an interesting biblical figure. The book of Judges has whet our appetite for a coming King; Ruth has provided the necessary familial background for the provision of this King. 248 more words

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Bible Reading Plan - March 5-11

Bible Project Reading Plan (March 5-11):
Deuteronomy 32-34, Joshua 1-24, Judges 1-3, Psalm 64-70

The Bible is unwavering on its commitment to God’s over-arching sovereignty in all aspects of life. 941 more words

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Bible Reading Plan - February 26-March 4

Bible Project Reading Plan (February 26 – March 4):
Deuteronomy 13-31; Psalms 57-63

People often find themselves in difficult circumstances, sometimes as a result of their own foolishness, sometimes because of others’ wickedness, sometimes simply because that is the way that life can be. 566 more words


Deeper into the Gospel in 1 Peter (a reading guide)

You can use the following reading guide and Bible reading plan to supplement our study on 1 Peter.

Author and Date

Si apostol Pedro ang nagsulat nito (1:1). 795 more words


Bible Reading Plan - February 5-11

Bible Project Reading Plan (February 5-11):
Leviticus 19-27; Numbers 1-10; Psalm 36-42

Leviticus 19 opens with a famous charge, given by God to his people: 699 more words

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Bible Reading Plan - January 29-February 4

Leviticus is a challenging book, but as we noted this past Sunday, it is extremely relevant for our understanding of who Christ is and what he has come to do. 122 more words

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