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Increasing interword spacing may help students to read better

The research, conducted by Elizabeth Sacchi at Binghamton University, State University of New York, is part of the National Science Foundation-funded Reading Brain Project.  The project studies how children’s brains behave as they read.  302 more words

Reading Readiness.

When the student becomes the reading teacher

Sometimes my best teaching strategies come from children themselves.

I was working with a PreK student the other day.  She has mastered reading CVC words (consonant-vowel-consonant words like “cat” and “six”).  377 more words

Methods Of Teaching Reading

Reading Readiness

We are a very literature oriented family. Both J and I started reading at fairly young ages, and continued to have a love for books that extends to this day. 1,005 more words


Reading Readiness

In an expert, published on edutopia, from the book, The Self Driven Child:  The Science and Sense of Giving Your Child More Control Over Their Lives, , Stixrud & Johnson explain the potential damages incurred when parents and teachers attempt to teach children reading and math skills before they are developmentally ready.  111 more words

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Any ideas?

You are reading this blog because you either love me (thank you, family) or because you want advice on how to teach reading to little children.  132 more words

Reading Readiness.

Teaching sounds, not letters, is where reading begins

The basic “code” of written English is sounds represented by letters.  Learning this code begins with learning to recognize the sounds of English.  Combining these sounds into two- or three-sound words is where forming words begins.  558 more words

Reading Readiness.

The younger the student, the shorter the reading lesson

Many four-year-olds can learn to read, but their lessons must be short and involve games and manipulatives to keep them engaged.

That’s what I have learned from many years of teaching little kids to read.  460 more words

Methods Of Teaching Reading