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Are audio books right for your young child?

Audio books, also called books on tape, are a great way for busy adults to “read.”  Pop one in your car CD player for a long commute.  371 more words

Reading Readiness.

Spelling—What works? What doesn’t work?

Because no national student tests focus on spelling only, experts can’t say how widespread spelling problems are.  But ask any teacher, and she will tell you many, many children learn to spell with difficulty or depend on phonetic spellings. 621 more words

Reading Readiness.

Square Panda - an interactive Reading Readiness game using iPad, Bluetooth and Smart letters

Square Panda is a Reading Readiness game with lots of interactive components.  The phonics system includes five fun and engaging iPad apps, a Bluetooth play set, 45 Smart letters, both parent and teacher portals. 147 more words

Reading for littles under 5

We have enjoyed learning how to read, and my son is doing really well, even though it’s the hardest thing we do all week. Once we mastered phonics, which we started after my son learned his letters, we started “Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons” (“100”) by Siegfried Engelmann, Phyllis Haddox and Elaine Bruner. 1,335 more words


Literacy Tip for Parents #12: Addressing b/d Reversals

It is not uncommon for children up to age 7 to experience reversals while reading and printing. A handy tool to alleviate this issue is to show your child how to form a “bed” with your left and right hands. 136 more words


Phonological Awareness: Visual Discrimination

Just as naturally as we draw a child’s attention to sounds, we also begin identifying people, objects and places.  Interacting with an infant and toddler we often reaffirmed, “mommy”, “daddy”, “grandma”, “grandpa”, etc. 522 more words

Phonological Awareness


A child in the direst of circumstances, experiencing the darkest of childhood horrors, can learn of, and be programmed to seek, better worlds via the reading of good books. 932 more words