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When a word has a single consonant between two vowels, which syllable does the consonant go with?

When a two-syllable word has a single consonant in the middle of two vowels, which syllable does the consonant go with?

Usually the consonant goes with the second syllable.  250 more words

Methods Of Teaching Reading

Logic of English: Foundations A

When I taught Bean how to read, we focused a lot on sight words alongside basic phonics. I learned in college that children worked best with a combination of phonics and whole word methods, so we utilized to both. 2,085 more words


Why Cooking is More Important than Reading– In Kindergarten

I collect old books. I have a parent’s guide to education, published in the 1940s. It has what needs to be learned in each grade level. 1,203 more words

Cooking With Kids

My child is almost four. She wants to learn to read. Where do I begin? Or does it matter?

It matters, according to research. You should start with teaching her “the code,” that is, the connection between the sounds of the English language and the letter symbols we use to mean those sounds. 464 more words

Methods Of Teaching Reading

My kindergartener wants to read chapter books. What features should I be looking for so she doesn’t get discouraged?

Congratulations! Some early readers are ready for chapter books, but that doesn’t mean all chapter books are right for them. Here’s what you should be looking for. 763 more words

Reading Readiness.

Counting to Kindergarten. Reflections, K Week 1

Week one of our second year homeschooling finished, which means that our first year of homeschooling is completed.  That doesn’t mean that our homeschool curriculum is completed, but that’s ok, we’ll just keep plugging at it.  974 more words