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Literacy Tip for Parents #12: Addressing b/d Reversals

It is not uncommon for children up to age 7 to experience reversals while reading and printing. A handy tool to alleviate this issue is to show your child how to form a “bed” with your left and right hands. 136 more words


3 to 5 year old - Reading Readiness: Visual Discrimination

Just as naturally as we draw a child’s attention to sounds, we also begin identifying people, objects and places.  Interacting with an infant and toddler we often reaffirmed, “mommy”, “daddy”, “grandma”, “grandpa”, etc. 525 more words

Developmental Reading Tasks


A child in the direst of circumstances, experiencing the darkest of childhood horrors, can learn of, and be programmed to seek, better worlds via the reading of good books. 924 more words

Literacy Tip for Parents #11: Practicing Letter Formation (Ages 4-5)

If your child has difficulty writing the letters in her or his name, try going from gross motor movements to the finer motions of holding a pencil: 86 more words


3 to 5 years old - Reading Readiness: Auditory Discrimination

Character and personality abound!  Your 3- 5 year old may be quietly observing the world around, or demonstrating determination and persistence.   Remember to provide numerous and varied learning opportunities because children do not all learn at the same time, or in the same way. 708 more words

Phonological Awareness

Developmental Reading Tasks - 2 to 3 years old

2 years Old! Your child’s third year. Where does the time go?

It’s time to clear the shelves and put fragile or electronic items out of the way. 916 more words

Developmental Reading Tasks

A Recipe for Success

My mom made a wise investment when I was young and she stirred up something that I hope lasts for generations to come. She made the time to introduce me to the ingredients of language. 1,229 more words

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