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Counting to Kindergarten. Reflections, K Week 1

Week one of our second year homeschooling finished, which means that our first year of homeschooling is completed.  That doesn’t mean that our homeschool curriculum is completed, but that’s ok, we’ll just keep plugging at it.  974 more words


Making small words from big words—a variation for beginning readers

What if a child is truly a beginning reader still learning CVC words? Can the game of finding small words within big words or phrases still be used to improve the child’s understanding of words and spelling? 360 more words

Methods Of Teaching Reading

Play word games to encourage or to reward reading

When I tutor reluctant readers or bad spellers, sometimes I reward them with a word game in the last five minutes of an hour-long lesson. The kids love the game and ask at the beginning of the next lesson if they can play again. 539 more words

Methods Of Teaching Reading

Is gesturing by a child learning to read important?

When my son was almost two, and not talking much, I often read to him a picture book by Helen Oxenbury which showed a toddler doing everyday things: pulling on his socks and pants, for example. 304 more words

Reading Readiness.

What’s choral reading?

Choral reading is reading aloud as a group, much like a choir reads the words and sings them together aloud. It is commonly done in lower grades and in ESL classes for several reasons: 366 more words

Methods Of Teaching Reading

Fun with Syllables

During my previous post, I talked about the “stair steps” for climbing toward fully developed phonological awareness skills. The most important take away from that post was that all children need the same skills for literacy development, but they will attain them at their own pace. 1,044 more words

Where can I find a good list of books for my child to read this summer?

If you are looking for appropriate summer reading for your child, may I suggest several lists of books for you to check out.


This website is an appendix of the Common Core State Standards. 246 more words

Reading Readiness.