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A Quick Note on Reading Readiness

Usually, when I mention to someone that my three year-old can read, people raise their eyebrows skeptically, like I’ve just claimed my toddler sunk a three pointer. 314 more words


Turn car rides into educational opportunities

Spring break is almost here.  For many kids, that means road trips to Disney World, the Grand Canyon or maybe to Grandma’s house.

Those long hours in the car might mean movie time, video game time or time playing on the phone.  602 more words

Reading Readiness.

Easy rhyming activities

Rhyming is one of the most “playful” things we can do with words and children love rhyming. As described in my previous post, rhyming is an important skill in preparing children for reading and writing when they get to elementary school. 831 more words

Not understanding inference leads to reading comprehension problems

Inference, or reading between the lines, is the ability to use two or more ideas to arrive at another idea which hasn’t been stated.  For example, you see someone come into your home wearing a wet rain coat and carrying a wet umbrella. 476 more words

Reading Readiness.

Ways to strengthen children's working memory

How can you help a child with a poor working memory to increase reading comprehension?

  • Play memory games.  Lay face down a deck of cards and find pairs. 
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Methods Of Teaching Reading

When a word has a single consonant between two vowels, which syllable does the consonant go with?

When a two-syllable word has a single consonant in the middle of two vowels, which syllable does the consonant go with?

Usually the consonant goes with the second syllable.  250 more words

Methods Of Teaching Reading

Logic of English: Foundations A

When I taught Bean how to read, we focused a lot on sight words alongside basic phonics. I learned in college that children worked best with a combination of phonics and whole word methods, so we utilized both. 2,145 more words